Inspirational Thoughts: Where is Your Courage?

Inspirational Thoughts: Where is Your Courage?

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“Courage does not always roar. Sometimes, courage is the quiet voice at the end of the day saying, ‘I will try again tomorrow.’”
~M. Radanbacher

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Where is Your Courage?

Hello dear courageous friend. Do I refer to you in a way that you don’t see yourself?  Do you regard yourself as the courageous person you are?

Courage comes in so many forms, many of which you embody.  So, what is courage? Who has courage? Do you have courage?

Maybe you haven’t jumped from an airplane, donated an organ or saved a drowning child.  Maybe you’ve never stood up to a gun-bearing criminal or body slammed a bully.  But courage is so much more.

Every moment outside of your comfort zone is an act of courage. The times when you’re too tired to lift a finger yet you lend a helping hand; when your life is falling apart, yet you stop to help a friend.  That, my friend, is courage.

Leaving a relationship with someone you thought you couldn’t live without; opening your broken heart to take a chance on love again.  Pushing your pride aside to admit you’re wrong.  Letting the tears flow when you’d rather pretend to be okay; climbing mountains of stress to make it to a better day. That is courage.

Should you ever find yourself feeling weak or fragile, turn your thoughts to a time of courage.  Focus, if only for a few moments, on the courage it’s taken to reach the place where you are in this moment.

No matter who you are, you know what it’s like to push through bad days. You’ve had times when you felt weary, helpless and insecure.  You’ve had days when life seemed like a cruel joke, and you had every reason to give up.  But you are still here.  You’re still alive and trying, finding something to smile about, giving this world a chance. Who has courage? You have courage.

Even if you’re experiencing a tough time in your life right now, realize that there is something special about you.  There is something courageous about you. Instead of measuring your traits by those of others, appreciate your individuality as a gift to the world.  Dramatic courage, subtle courage—it is courage nonetheless.  Give yourself the praise, respect and recognition that you deserve.

You reached this day by showing courage and I hope you feel inspired to exemplify this trait even more in the future.

So, what is courage? You.

Who has courage? You.

Move forward. Courageously dream, live, and climb every hurdle that gets in your way.

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