Inspirational Thoughts: Why Not You?

“Today, many will rise above their believed limitations and make contact with their powerful innate strength. Why not you?”
Steve Maraboli

daisies-388946_960_720Why Me? It’s a question we often ask in times of great difficulty– loss, disappointment, heartbreak, pain.  That one question represents our search for ways to make sense of the insensible.  There’s nothing inherently wrong with asking, “Why Me?,” but maybe we can all benefit from changing that question up a bit at times.  How about looking at all the best that life has to offer and asking, “Why not me?”

Dreams come true all the time.  The unachievable is achieved, the impossible is proven possible, the unknown is discovered.  Every moment of everyday, we live a life filled with amazing realities once thought of as foolish ideas.  Indoor plumbing, motorized vehicles, clean water, airplanes, medical cures. There’s great power in the realization that living your best life is more than possible. If it has happened before, why not now? If it has happened for someone else, why not you?

The next time you’re waddling in self pity and doubt, turn your thoughts to whatever purely inspired desire you have for your life.  And ask this magic question: Why not me? No matter what situation you’re dealing with or what obstacle stands in your way, believe in the best possible outcome.  Not only is the best possible; the best will happen for someone. Why not you?  You need only to withhold confidence in who you really are.

Nothing and no one has the ability to stop you . Not without your consent, that is.  No fear or shame, no injury or illness, no job or relationship can interfere with your destiny.  And your destiny is to experience the totality of your miraculous self.  Why wouldn’t you? Why shouldn’t you?

Whatever you believe you’re capable of, you’re capable of more.  However good or great you believe you are, you’re far greater.  You are amazing beyond anything your human mind can fully understand.

Expand the vision you have of yourself. Believe in your strength and personal power.  That belief alone is enough to spark a raging fire– one powerful enough to burn a hole through the walls your negative thoughts have built between you and your best life.

No longer waste time looking at challenges and asking, “Why me?” Instead, look toward unbelievably amazing solutions, no matter how far-fetched they may seem.  Look toward the stuff dreams are made of.  With the best of the best held firmly in your mind’s eye, ask yourself, “Why not me?”

You won’t get an answer.

Photo credit: Rachel Julia

It’s comment time. Are you following your dreams? Are you living your best life? Why or why not?

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