Inspiratonal Thoughts: Self Doubt is Out, Self Confidence is In

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self confidence self doubt picSelf-doubt may have reared its ugly head throughout your life; but you are here right now reading today’s inspirational thoughts. You doubted yourself time and time again, but even you can’t take away your unlimited potential. You’re a survivor.  You’re courageous.  Your life has great purpose.  Will you stop doubting the obvious?  Are you ready to believe in yourself?

Go about living your life this week, refusing to buckle under the pressure of self doubt.  Know your worth, your strength and who you are at the core of it all.  See yourself as Source (or God) sees you.

Rather than worry that you may face hardship, know for certain that hardship will come.  Know that, not only will hardship come, but you will be right there waiting to overcome.

Fill your mind with thoughts of self-confidence so great that not a single speck of space is left for self-doubt.  Know that, should you get knocked down today or any other day, you won’t stay down.

Know that, even if you trip over your own decisions and efforts, you can catch yourself before you fall.  But also know that at times you will fall. You will fall and it will hurt like hell.  Still, don’t second-guess who you are or where you are going.  Maintain your confidence.

Know that falling down, no matter how hard, fast, or far you fall; is no comparison for getting back up.  No slip, trip, stumble or fall is justification enough for self-doubt.  But self doubt, if you permit it, is enough to destroy your every hope and dream.

So what will you do with today’s inspirational thoughts?

Decide right now, at this very moment, that you will never stay down.  And more importantly, decide to never waste a second of your life on fear of falling down in the first place.

No matter what—keep moving in the direction your Higher-Self calls you to go.  Fear, but keep moving. Endure judgment, but keep moving. Weep, but keep moving.  Under all circumstances, remain inspired to have confidence in yourself and to keep moving past self-doubt.

The challenges that meet you at opportunity’s doorway may keep you out for a while; but know that you will get past them.  If you can’t find a way around them, know that you will go through them or (better yet) rise above them.

This is your life.  Wake up each day and live out your destiny. You need only to set your intentions, believe in yourself and never look back.

Self-doubt has no place in your world.

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