More Great Ways to Save Money – Part 2 of 38 Money Saving Tips

More Great Ways to Save Money – Part 2 of 38 Money Saving Tips

January 29, 2020 Off By admin

This is part 2 of 38 Money Saving Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss.  If you didn’t read part 1, you missed out on the first 25 easy ways to save money.  You may want to check it out at the link above.

Easy Ways to Save Money (# 26 – 38)

6988272680_97102f42c6_b26. Get on the coupon clipping bandwagon
If you haven’t caught on to the money saving value of coupons yet, get with the program. I’ve learned so much from, and so can you. One great tip is to clip coupons weekly and don’t allow yourself to run out of commonly used items. Hold on to coupons until the item is on sale at your local store and then go in for the kill. You’ll get great values like brand name toothpaste for $ .50 and 12 packs of bathroom tissue for $ 3.00.

27. Always comparison shop
People who shop on impulse are a salesperson’s dream, but a financial adviser’s nightmare. If you’re making a significant purchase, always comparison-shop to save money. This is most important when you’re shopping for insurance, vehicles, mobile service providers, furniture stores, schools, electronics, etc. You don’t want to sacrifice quality for price, but you do want to get the absolute best you can without breaking the bank. Higher prices don’t necessarily equal higher value. So, shop around and save money.

28. Change your money attitude
Change Your Beliefs About MoneyOne surefire way to sabotage your budget is to have negative (or limiting) attitude about money. As long as you subconsciously believe that you’ll never get out of debt or enjoy financial abundance, that will hold true for you. Read the book Think and Grow Rich or try the Change Your Thinking About Money subliminal audio .

29. Simple dinner days
Dinner is the most expensive meal for most families, but it doesn’t have to be a feast every night. Try having 1-2 “simple meal days per week. On those days, dinner may be something like sandwiches with fruit or soup. Nothing fancy, nothing costly.

30. Cut your phone service
If everyone in your house has a cell phone, do you really need a home phone too? Probably not. Either have your home telephone service disconnected or remove the features (i.e. forwarding, 3 way, call block) that you don’t need. Either way will help you to save money. Another option is to replace your land line phone with VoIP. That won’t eliminate your phone bill altogether, but it will save you some money and you’ll still have a phone in the house.

31. Replace cable T.V. with books
I know this is a hard one for many people, but cable (and satellite) television is not a necessity. You’ll save more money, waste less time, and increase productivity by cutting your addiction to what Bill Cosby calls “the idiot tube.” If you spend $ 60.00 a month on cable, spend ¼ of that on used books from

32. Bypass convenience stores
Convenience stores are for people who want convenience more than they want to save money. Avoid these stores like the plague. The prices for most items are often at least 30% higher than those of other stores.

33. Save your coins
You never outgrow a piggy bank, so get yours out and start saving the coins each time you break a dollar. It adds up quickly and you can put that money in a savings account at the end of each month.

34. Withdraw on your own turf
Unless it is an absolute emergency, never give away money by making withdrawals from ATMs that aren’t affiliated with your bank. The fee for these withdrawals may be anywhere from $ 1.00 to $ 5.00, which adds up very quickly over time. If you’re in a pinch and your bank isn’t nearby, buy a pack of gum at a convenience store and click the button to request cash back. That’s free!

35. Use alternative light sources
Compact fluorescent light bulbs last longer and use a lot less energy than the incandescent light bulbs many people are accustomed to. They cost a little more upfront, but you’ll see the difference on your utility bill. You also won’t have to worry about spending money to replace them often. To save even more money, turn the lights off during the daytime and open your blinds. Natural light from the sun doesn’t come with a bill attached. If the sun has set for the day, use candles once in a while.

36. Dress for the indoor climate
Utility costs are one of the many money drainers that it’s hard to get rid of; however, cutting back your use of air conditioning and heat makes a major difference. A simple money saving tip is to adjust your clothing before adjusting the heat/air. In other words, take off that sweater when you’re hot instead of turning the A/C up another notch. If you’re cold all the time, invest in footed pajamas or wear a robe on top of your clothes.

37. Don’t buy 4 for 4
This one gets a lot of people. If the sign says, “4 for $ 4.00” that doesn’t usually mean you must buy 4. Check with the store manager to make sure, but it should be okay to purchase 1 at $ 1.00. The same goes when you see 2 for $ 10 or any other marketing ploy.

38. Don’t charge it; buy it
Everyone should know this one by now. Credit cards are not the answer to unsatisfactory finances. They make matters worse rather than better. Commit to spending only what you have rather than risking your financial future. If you can’t buy it outright, leave it at the store.

Now that you’ve read my money saving tips, do you have any to add? What are some of your favorite ways to save money?