The 21 Winning Attributes Of The Wealthy

The 21 Winning Attributes Of The Wealthy

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When I consider the word wealthy I want to go far beyond the limited definition that relates purely to accumulation and comfort.

Wealth to me has a far much broader meaning that also includes the richness of friends, family, as well as opportunities.

So with that understanding let’s explore 21 of the finest attributes of the wealthy.

1. They Love What They Do

To be able to wake up each morning with a skip in your step. With a mind bursting with new and fresh ideas and clear plans, laid out the day before for the day ahead, is a joy. I have made it my personal pursuit throughout the years to align my work with my passion. Every day I breathe I now do what I love to do, and it has made the journey extremely worthwhile.

2. They Perform With A Touch Of Class

If you’re going to do a job then do it with excellence. Go beyond the call of duty. Do more than you’re asked. Under promise and over deliver. It really doesn’t take much to do better than expected. One real estate agent did it by simply providing some free pizza vouchers with every house purchase. Now the cook in that house, after a long day of heavy moving, never forgot that touch of class.


3. They Apply A Winning Attitude

There are two attitudes in a life – good or bad. To have a good attitude is to have a winning attitude. A good attitude approaches every challenge looking for solutions, not problems. A winning attitude is reflected in our speech. I have been working with a colleague to correct their speech. She would continually ask the question, ‘What’s wrong?’ as though something was always wrong. I’m pleased to report that with a little coaching she now asks, ‘What’s right?’ with a winning attitude.

4. They Go Beyond What Is Expected

What a pleasant surprise to see a job done that outstrips all expectation. I recall the time years ago, when a friend loaned us their car each weekend, because at that time we didn’t own our own. When it was delivered to us on Friday it was usually dirty. When we returned it on Sunday afternoon it was always returned in an immaculate condition and a full tank of petrol. The smiles received were a rich reward to us, and by the way – we weren’t walking for too much longer.


5. They Are Great Time Managers

I have a prioritized list of 6 major things I need to do each day in order to move my life and businesses forward. As I complete each task I cross it off. I do not stop until I complete each task. If I book a meeting with another person and they don’t show up after 15 minutes from the appointed meeting time I leave. I have learnt to say ‘no’ to those things that are not aligned to my personal goals. I rule my phone. It doesn’t rule me. This has everything to do with time and life management.

6. They Take Initiative

I don’t wait to be asked. I do the asking. Good things come to those who don’t wait. I make my own opportunities through positive and consistent action. This is initiative.

7. They Are Enthusiastic

Enthusiasm makes all the difference. At times I’m accused of being ‘over-the-top’ in the expression of my passion, especially when I’m talking about subjects that are dear to my heart. But I don’t care. I’d rather live one day overflowing with exuberance and enthusiasm than live a lifetime of deadly dull doldrums.


8. They Are Diligent

To be diligent is to have, or show care and conscientiousness in one’s works or duties. When I owned a cleaning company it was one of my clients who taught me to be diligent. She wiped her finger over the top of the light switches that we had failed to clean. From that day forward I always cleaned the top of every single light switch. And even to this day, many years later, when I come into a room, I will often find myself wiping my finger across the top of the light switch to do the ‘dust test’.

9. They Are Self-Disciplined

I have been in business for myself now for decades, and one of the key things that you have to develop when you’re in business for yourself is the practice of self-discipline. There is no one telling you what or what not to do. You are fully responsible, and that’s why even as I write this article I’m seated in one of my local coffee shops early in the morning, as is my self-disciplined habit, creating yet another piece of ‘magnificence’.



10. They Are Assertive

Those who are assertive have or show a confident and forceful personality. They will never allow themselves to be a doormat for others to walk on. They speak up for truth. They confront problems head on. They do not hide. They do not run. They show respect, but in return expect the same.

11. They Are Team Players

The wealthy understand that they cannot live a wealthy life by going alone. They recognize their strengths, but at the same time understand that their weaknesses need to be supported by those who are strong in those areas. The great joy of the wealthy is that they take others on their own wealth ride.

12. They Risk Doing Something Great

Risk is one of my middle names. My discovery? Risk won’t kill you. Actually, you are more likely to die not taking a risk than if you do choose to venture forth from the path taken by the ‘status quo’. But don’t simply risk doing something small. If you’re going to risk, then risk doing something great – something that will provide some lasting significance to your life and to the lives of others.

13. They Set The Bar In Competence

To be competent is to have the ability to do something successfully or efficiently. Whenever I have approached a new business opportunity or the acquirement of a new skillset, I have always made it my goal to become the very best in each endeavor. Not to just be a doer of the deed, but rather to become the expert or the leader in that field. Be a ’bar-raiser’  – not just one of the crowd.

14. They Establish & Preserve Organization

This is not about control. This is about order. This is about systems. This is about consistent results. This is about quality control. This is about efficiency and success through the power of organization. I organize my desk. I organize my car.  I organize my house. I organize my clothes. I organize my time and finances. I organize my life. Disorganization has no place in a wealthy life.

15. They Show Respect

Owning a cleaning business for three years taught me a lot about respect. I had some clients who failed to show that to me. We call it status. But the fact was that I was the one who got the money. I still respected them, and three years later sold them at a profit to someone else. Whenever I stay in a five star hotel you may notice me often leaving a thank you note for the cleaners. It’s all about showing respect.


16. They Are Clear Communicators

I tend to over-communicate. Why? Because communication is vital for clarity and accuracy of understanding. Say what you say and make it clear. As my business coach once taught me, ‘You get what you communicate.’ So if you’ve not been getting what you expected from your issued instructions then do a communication check up. It may not even be what you’re saying that needs adjustment. It may be how you’re saying it.


17. They Dress For Success

I’ve recently moved my office to my home. I’ve always wanted to work from home. No commuting except for my morning jaunt to the local cafes in my area to write. But then I return home and continue with my day’s tasks. But as far as my dress is concerned I still dress as if I am going to the office, or about to hold an important meeting. For as you dress so you think. Dress successfully and you will think successful and act successfully.

19. They Model Character

When I come into the company of others I am never moved by what they drive, where they live, or what they make in income. I listen to what they say, and I look for their character. This is the true nature of who they are, what they believe, how they treat others, and how they treat their partner and their children. The truly wealthy model character – good character.


20. They Are Committed To Constant Change

I have surrounded myself with people smarter than myself, and I take notes furiously because I am committed to constant change. Every new piece of technology released I investigate. Not all are adapted unless they add value to my life and businesses. But I investigate. I read. I study. I listen, because I want to be on the cutting edge of change – for there is only one thing in this day and age that is constant – change.

21. They Smile A Lot

Well why wouldn’t you when you’re wealthy? Inner wealth shines forth from your mouth in the shape of a big beaming smile.

So how many of these attributes are operating in your life – and could you add any more to this list?


Motivational Memo: To be healthy, wealthy and wise is to live a rich life.


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