Vibrational Frequency and the Law of Allowing: Your Keys to Manifesting

Vibrational Frequency and the Law of Allowing: Your Keys to Manifesting

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Vibrational frequency—it’s a strange term if you’re not very involved with the details of the Universal Law of Attraction.  But I’ll do my best to show you why it’s something you never want to forget.

Like most people, I spent the overwhelming majority of my life doing, doing, doing. Doing whatever I could to buy something, meet someone, go to some place or reach a goal of some sort.  Learning about the Universal Law of Attraction helped put me on a more promising track; but it wasn’t until I learned about the Law of Allowing that I began understanding why “doing” consumed nearly every moment of my life; whereas, major results (manifestations) seemed few and far between.

Now, I’m not about to tell you that you no longer need to do anything; but I do want to share with you the importance of vibrational frequency and the Law of Allowing.

The Law of Allowing & Law of Attraction: What’s the Difference

The basic premise of the Universal Law of Attraction has been used so many times by exploiters that it sounds a little cheesy.  But I’ll give a quickie definition for those who’ve never heard of the Universal Laws.  The Law of Attraction basically says that:

  • You get what you think about
  • You are the creator of your reality
  • You can be, do and have anything you want

I admit, it sounds like a bunch of new age mumbo jumbo or excessive optimism; but that’s the problem when you’re putting together a puzzle while unknowingly missing the most important pieces.

Vibrational Frequency and the Law of Allowing are those missing pieces.

Before I continue, please jot down your answers to the following:

1) What are 5 things you really want?

2) What’s feeling or emotional benefit comes along with each of your answers in question 1 (i.e. contentment, safety, happiness, confidence, security)?

I’ll come back to the questions in a moment.

Why the Law of Allowing is Important

While the Law of Attraction describes the relationship between us and our thoughts; the degree to which each person reaps those benefits varies based on their ability to allow.  That’s right—not the ability to do—but the ability to allow.

Without an understanding of the Law of Allowing, your efforts—your doing—is often painfully consuming and fruitless.

So what is the Law of Allowing?

The simplest way I can describe The Law of Allowing is that it means getting out of your own way.  It means that what you ask for flows to you when you release the resistance (your resistance) that stands between you and manifestation of your desires.  Are you starting to see how you create your own reality?

What manifests in your life is always a “vibrational match” to what you’re allowing into your life experience. Confused yet?

Imagine for a second that you and everything around you have a certain vibrational frequency.  In order to allow the manifestation of your desires into your life experience, your vibrational frequency must match that of your desires.  If you’re emitting a low vibration, you are fully capable of changing it to tune into what you want.  But most people don’t deliberately offer any vibration at all.

Understanding Resistance

If you’re not a vibrational match to your desires, you are offering resistance, which holds you (vibrationally) apart from what you desire.

“I’m definitely not resisting what I want,” you might say.

Nobody thinks they are resisting manifestation; but there’s one thing to remember when it comes to the Universal Law of Attraction: When you ask, the Universe says yes.  Not sometimes, not when you ask for something feasible—but always.

From the moment you birth a new idea or desire, your job is to align yourself with the essence of that desire.  You may do this immediately or never.  It’s up to you.  This the allowing part of the Law of Attraction equation.  This is what it means to tune your vibrational frequency in to what you desire.

How do you know your vibrational frequency?

Take a look at your answer to question 2 above.  What is the feeling that you have (or expect to have) upon manifestation of your desires?  Maybe it’s love, comfort, or pleasure.  Whatever it is, this is the essence (or vibration) of your desire.  If you aren’t living, being and feeling that vibration; you are not in alignment with what you want.  You’re asking for something, the Universe wants to deliver it, but you aren’t tuned in to the vibrational frequency of that desire.  You are, once again, standing in your own way.

How about an example… Let’s say you spend most of your time focused upon what you do not yet have.  You work hard for it, you think about it, you plan for it, you talk about it.

No matter how hard you try to get there, you’re often left feeling dissatisfied, anxious, and frustrated.  This is resistance!

Types of Resistance

For many people, it is terribly difficult to accept that we are the creators of our own reality.  The first reaction is to say something like, “I tried that positive thinking crap and it just doesn’t work.”

With the tiniest amount of effort, you can easily convince yourself that you are not offering any resistance.  But that’s rarely (if ever) the case.

Resistance to manifestation comes in so many forms.  A few that you may recognize are:

  • Focusing on what you don’t have
  • Frustration with the pace of things
  • Jealousy of someone who has what you want
  • Self-doubt, a lack of faith in yourself and the powers of the Universe
  • Fear
  • Perfectionism
  • Overworking/Trying too hard
  • Obsessing over outcomes
  • Listening to others who don’t believe in you
  • Trying to force others to see things your way
  • Focusing on what doesn’t go right
  • Resenting the journey toward manifestation
  • Complaining of failures (or what seems like failure)
  • Judgment and complaining

These are all examples of resistance—getting in your own way, delaying or preventing the manifestation of your desires.

Allowing or Resisting: A Look in the Mirror

Take a look at your answer to question 1 above.  You should’ve named 5 things that you really want. Looking at that list of 5, how many do you already have just as you want them?  How many are you working on obtaining or achieving?

For most of us, the first “wants” that come to mind are things that we don’t have or things we aren’t quite satisfied with.  This alone is a recipe for resistance.  If you have legs to walk on, the ability to feed yourself, a warm place to sleep at night, a pet that adores you, a healthy child, food to eat, freedom, friends, or anything else worth appreciating; I’m sure you want these things.  Yet, they may not have come to mind when asked about your wants.  Think about the number of hours, minutes, or seconds of your day that are dedicated to fully experiencing and appreciating what you already have.  Now compare that to the time spent trying to get something else, something more, something different, something better.

Rethink What You’re Allowing

Most of us have become accustomed to dedicating the bulk of our energy to yearning after things we don’t yet have.  Maybe you’re saving money to buy a new car, working long hours to afford a bigger house, struggling to get out of debt or trying every diet possible to lose weight.  Whatever the case may be, it’s important to realize that you are not in a position of allowing when you’re yearning.  You’re a vibrational match to yearning, but not to manifestation of positive, joyful ,exciting outcomes.

From a state of resistance, you may sometimes get the new job or slimmer body that you desire; but the satisfaction will be short lived.  Maybe you’ll put the weight back on or the new job will turn out to be even worse than the one you left; or you’ll just find that you’re not getting the satisfaction that you expected to come along with this desire.  Again, you are in your own way.

Releasing Resistance

To allow Law of Attraction to work miracles in your life, practice the Law of Allowing. Allow yourself to come into perfect alignment with the vibrational frequency of what youdesire.  If financial independence would help you to feel happy and secure, focus intently on something in your life right now that gives you reason to feel that way. Can’t think of anything?  Close your eyes and visualize yourself in the safest place imaginable, floating on a cloud perfectly created for you or surrounded by the supportive arms of loving people.  Meditate on this and feel the positive vibration coursing through your veins.

Practice * Practice * Practice * Practice

This isn’t a one time thing.  In order to release resistance, change your point of attraction and experience the manifestation you’ve been waiting on; practice the Law of Allowing as many times as you can every day.

Make your life one that is about noticing and appreciating what you have.  Make time to write in a gratitude journal, call a friend to talk about the gifts in your life, write a thank you letter to the Universe, and watch happy movies.

There will always be “off moments” in your life, but the Universal Law of Attraction responds to the culmination of your thoughts.  Retrain yourself to think in a way that leaves you feeling the way you’d feel if everything you ever wanted manifested in this very moment.

Celebrate. Appreciate. Allow.

It’s comment time. Are you familiar with the Law of Attraction? What about the Law of Allowing? Are you aware of the ways in which you resist manifestation of your desires?

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