Who Do You Think You Aren’t? How To Get Past Limiting Beliefs

Who Do You Think You Aren’t? How To Get Past Limiting Beliefs

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By asking yourself this question will allow the freedoms of your mind to speak it’s truth. No running or wearing a mask or acting. We all know who we aren’t. We aren’t the President of the United States or the Prime Minister of Canada. YET.

What is it that you tell yourself you could never do? Why don’t you trust yourself to do the things you used to daydream about? What is inside of you screaming to come out but the thought of it creates unspeakable amounts of stress for you?

In fact isn’t it actually more stressful NOT doing it? The what if’s, if only’s, I wish I could…

And who first posed the question to you, ‘Who do you think you are?”

Did you know stress is fear?  That’s it. Fear. And what is fear? Fear is an unpleasant emotion caused by the belief that someone or something is dangerous, likely to cause pain, or a threat.

Who decides for you what is a threat, or that something is dangerous? And note the word ‘belief’. A belief is a thought. A belief is something one accepts as true or real; a firmly held opinion or conviction.

Why don’t we all have the same beliefs? Why aren’t we all fearful of the same things? If these fears of ours were real and truly a threat to us, wouldn’t we all be fearing the same thing?

We are all human. We all have the same human needs. We all carry around with us our bodies that require nature and nurture in order to function properly.

So why do we not all fear the shortage of water, or loneliness or disease? Why doesn’t every single person in the world fear the same thing, if all our needs and physical requirements to survive are the same?

Our beliefs. It is our beliefs about things that create disease in our mind and carry forward in our lives. We have bought into the idea(s) of things that aren’t necessarily real. Things will only be real if we ourselves bring them to life.

Isn’t that fantastic news? That we can bring the things we choose to life? You are the actor, director, camera man and heck, even the camera, producer and editor. Imagine the things you can do with this talent. Since you bought into your beliefs you can now do what you want with them. They are yours. No one else’s. And like fingerprints, everybody’s is different.

But you can choose that even though you bought and paid for your beliefs again and again, you got your moneys worth now and it is time to replace them. Like Grandma’s floral chesterfield, it’s time to update.

Now you need to understand the flipside. If you choose to hold on to your old beliefs, the ones that are creating the fear, you are by default not taking responsibility for your own feelings. In this case you are not trusting yourself to handle the new. That is new as in exciting, juices flowing, sparkling eyes, aliveness.

This leads to blame. We blame others and or the circumstances around us. When we do this, we are allowing ourselves to be the victim.

So ask yourself this question:

What are you doing to yourself that is creating the fear within you?

What beliefs are you hanging on to that causes you to create this fear?

What is it worth for you to hang on to it?

What is it worth to you to dispose of it and buy into a new belief?

My name is Suzanne Jones. I am a Certified Hypnotherapist and a Writer. I have a bloghttp://www.pristineperception.com and write based on true experiences. I guide people through either Hypnotherapy or my Writing to regain personal and mental control of their lives. Just one degree of perception change is all it takes.

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