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Know You Can Change | Jonathan Hilton Mind Connections

June 21, 2022 Off By Samuel Austin

Evolve- develop gradually, especially from a simple to a more complex form.

If you know nothing else, know that change is constant and inevitable. We are all changing at every moment, and it may be a minuscule difference, but it is happening. You choose if you change without awareness or evolve through your development to become more in tune with your life, gain more happiness, and grow as a person.

Shouldn’t we all try to evolve consciously, dictating our direction as much as we can? Our road map begins with an awareness of our life and where we want to see changes, creating goals, setting our intentions, and then taking actions that lead to those changes.   It begins with your thoughts about who you are, the words you speak about yourself and your goals,  and the actions you take to bring these things into your reality. Make them count.

Moving to a more complex form

Evolving may seem daunting and complicated. First, it is a change, and nobody likes this. There is a tentative fear of every shift, even if we are sure it is for the best. Saying goodbye is difficult. Also, if it is something we definitely should eliminate, at least you know what to expect, and if it is wrong, we spend time worrying circumstances could worsen. Then what?   Courage allows you to seek to evolve. To grow into what you want to become, having a mindset focused on growth and understanding will help.

Invest your time and thought into things that will increase your knowledge, interests, and understanding of the world around you. Read books about topics that pique your interest. Spend time with people who are already at the point you want to go or have a similar interest in going that way. If you spend your time without intention, you are a victim of that time. You are moving wherever it takes you like a log in a river. Filling your days with little direction and focus is an existence, not a life. Evolve into a life in which you are the best version of yourself. Invest your time rather than just spending it. We have far too little time in this life to waste and far too much good to do and value to contribute.

Life will Help You

Life pushes us along the path of personal evolution, whether we want it or not. How many experiences in life do we label as bad? When in the final evaluation, we see the positives in a challenging situation brought. Even though we label something as wrong or right in our minds, it is merely an experience. Experiences are gifts that push you in one direction or another, and life enjoys making you exactly where it wants you to go. Grief, anger, loss, regret, and other negative emotions can cloud our judgment, but eventually, we will change. To seek to evolve by raising our consciousness is a great adventure. No adventure is risk-free; many are painful to the heart and mind. But that is what experience is all about.

Try to remove the labeling of experiences as good or bad. Let things be what they are. You can still experience grief at a loss but recognize the situation as part of life. You can’t go backward, and you can only share what is. So experience it and allow it to teach you what it can, even if it hurts. Don’t use any circumstance as an excuse not to try to evolve positively. Life gives you opportunities to grow and develop, and you must make a conscious choice. Either you are going to change into something better or something worse. Nothing stays the same. It is always your choice.

Sometimes you Gotta Lose Before you Win.

When we experience a loss, it is undesirable and not as good a feeling as winning. But it is what it is. We evolve when we look at the damage and evaluate why it happened, then take steps to improve our performance and process. If you won and succeeded all the time, life would have no challenges, and there would be no need for growth. Life doesn’t work that way, and it continuously provides us with situations where we can lose or win.

The key is to remove the emotion from the equation and not to take a loss personally. It isn’t a personal thing, and it is just a thing. Mourn the damage, but learn the lesson and work to become better at whatever cost you the lost in the first place. So the next time, you will find victory and not defeat. Self-improvement is a process of evolution that has always been and always will be a part of the human experience.


Support yourself and others in the process of evolving. Recognize people are going to try things, moving in directions you may not believe in or understand. Support them on their journey. It is their journey, after all, and you are on your trip to evolving into your best self.

Learn to speak to yourself in a positive and supportive way. If the voice in your head isn’t supportive of you, get rid of it. Detach yourself from negative thoughts and energy and attach yourself to positive results and experiences. It begins with a conscious awareness that you are changing daily. Either you are getting better or getting worse. Nobody stays the same for very long. The great news is you can choose the person you evolve into through your thoughts, words, and actions. How are you going to develop today?

Life is about evolving. Don’t stay in a situation that is not helping you grow mentally, spiritually, and emotionally.” 

“Evolve or dissolve. It’s your option.”



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