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December 25, 2020 Off

Online Degrees Now Viewed As Superior Education By Employers

By J.B. Maxted

One of the biggest concerns that students hold at the time they are entering a degree online is exactly how a future employer is going to see their education. Will a business have a negative view towards their online degree thinking it is less valuable than a traditional bachelors degree?

December 18, 2020 Off

Online Degrees Viewed As Superior Education By Employers

By J.B. Maxted

The main worry that many perspective online students hold is that their online bachelors degree won’t be accepted as legitimate or equivalent by a future employer. The question is, how are these future businesses going to see an online bachelor degree as compared to one from a conventional college?

June 15, 2020 Off

Do’s and Don’ts When Writing a Resume Cover Letter

By Joshua Workman

Employers are always in the lookout for potential employees that will share their best skills and effort for the growth of the company. With this in mind, they are constantly in need of job applicants that can be their prospective talents in the business as it flourishes. You might have the greatest confidence that you can fit it the position, but the question lies on how you can show your future boss that you are the best person for the job without even knowing him personally? This is the reason why when looking for a job; resume cover letter is initially submitted before submitting yourself for an interview. You have to go with the flow and that is the usual practice, applicants send their job resumes for the purpose of evaluation.