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December 2, 2019 Off

Are Wooden Sash Windows Or Plastic Windows More Impressive?

By Chris Burrows

The question – Wooden sash windows or plastic windows which option gives a better impression in an office environment – can have at least three answers. That wood is better, being more traditional and high end. That plastic is better, being less apt to rot and cheaper to install. That it makes no difference; no one will notice anyway.

November 25, 2019 Off

Some Points Regarding The Environmental Benefits Of Secondary Glazing

By Chris Burrows

Looking at the environmental benefits of secondary glazing, there are many points to consider in quality. Aside from being friendly to the environment secondary units can also be nice to your budget. This option is much more reasonable than the typical approach to maintaining the charm of older styles of windows with double-glazing.

October 5, 2019 Off

The Advantages Of Having Double Glazed Sash Windows

By Terry Mulroy

Sash windows are those that are commonly located on old houses that will be between 500 and 60 years old. They may be nice to look at in many ways but they are certainly not functional and practical at completing the tasks that they are supposed to complete. It is, therefore, a very good idea to make sure that you upgrade your windows to double glazed version as soon as you can.

October 2, 2019 Off

An Overview Of Fix-Its For The Plague Of Plastic Windows In London Problem

By John Redworth

No one can deny that plastic windows in London are on the increase, they are showing up in place of the original antique wooden sash kind last century, do indeed, have a negative effect on the physical beauty of landmark homes. The situation is sad, it’s true, but at least some of the blame can be placed on an unstable economy’s effect on the wallet.

October 2, 2019 Off

How To Hire For Sash Window Replacement

By Bradley James

The craft of sash window replacement is often found in the type of carpentry known as joinery. Joiners are often builders of tables and cabinets as well as any type of intricate joining of wood such as a sash might entail. Another type of carpenter that may be knowledgeable about sash building is an architectural timbering carpenter.