How Healthy Are You? My Vegan Diet Personal Redemption

Recently I wrote about how you can start closing the gap between the life you are living and your best life . . . but I received some reader complaints. Desire to live their Miracle Question life? Check. Ideas and solutions to start closing the gap? Check. Energy to get their plan (and butt) into…

5 Key Steps to a Healthy Mind

I have spent many years working on my health and my happiness. I learned early on how my thoughts and my mind can affect every experience I have. Therefore I began researching and learning about the health of my mind and how I could use my mind to benefit my life and my overall happiness….

Can Setting Healthy Boundaries Improve Your Relationships?

Healthy Boundaries = A Healthier, Happier You Although I sincerely believe that we are all one on a spiritual level, I am completely aware of the need to set healthy personal boundaries in our every day lives.  I’m equally aware of how many people needlessly struggle due to unhealthy boundaries or living without boundaries altogether….