Where The Clothes Hanger Originated From

Some of the tools that help us to organize our everyday life go without notice these days. One prime example of one of these tools, is are plastic hangers. Though the hanger has a simple design and job to perform, who thought up the idea of the coat hanger and first created it?

Three Types Of Mat Boarding Good For Your Wooden Photo Frames

Most people think of only the frame when they imagine wooden photo frames — they never think of the mat board where their picture actually sits. There are positive and negative sides to each of the three different mat boards you can choose from. Let’s examine each in turn and see which is right for you.

Learn the 17 Essential Places Every Home Must Have to Declutter Fast

Does this situation every happen in your home? You get a gift, make a purchase or receive something in the mail, and you can’t decide where to put it. I used to always just set stuff on the counter until I’d decide where to put it. Problem was though, I’d never get around to finding a spot for it and my counter top would soon be covered with clutter. This makes trying to quickly declutter your home very difficult, because you have no defined spot to put things when you clear off your counter. Knowing exactly where everything in your home goes is very important to be able to declutter fast whenever you need to.

Optimize and Organize Your Bathroom Cabinets

Some people consider their bathroom their sanctuary. Others get stressed out even being in there. If you are one of the latter group, you might want to get organized and take control of your inner sanctum. If you find it difficult to find items on a daily basis, you might need to stop and consider what times are needed to get out the door and off to work every day.