How You Can Start Living Your Miracle Life

Last week I asked the Miracle Question from Solution-Focused Therapy. The Miracle Question is simply, “If while you slept a miracle occurred tonight that solved all of your problems, how would you know when you woke up in the morning that a miracle occurred? What would be different?” The first step, of course, is answering…

Living in a Snow Globe: Why It’s Important To Expand Your Mind

Do you think you’d be much happier if you won the lottery? Do you think you would be much less happy if you were paralyzed in a car accident? If you answered ‘yes’, science is against you. In 1978, Brickman, Coates, and Janoff-Bulman published an article in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology. They’d…

A Great Clutter-Busting Garage Storage Idea

People struggle to figure out where to put all the things they have in their garage. They are constantly looking for garage storage ideas to help solve some of their space problems. Let us talk about some garage storage ideas that you can utilize to quickly and easily boost your available storage space in the garage.