Bride’s Accessories You’ve Worn On Your Wedding Event

The jewelry you choose to wear will play a great deal in portraying the beauty of the wedding gown. This will help you look out standing if the accessories you chose match perfectly with the gown. As soon as the wedding day is over, many brides find a perfect spot where they can store their lovely jewelry as a sign of remembrance.

Ways To Celebrate Your 1st Wedding Anniversary

Observing your first anniversary can create the greatest impact in your marriage. It is a sign of a boundless love. It signifies that both of you were waiting for it to happen. This day is your opportunity to recuperate. In doing so, you will relentlessly be waiting for the next coming anniversaries of your lives.

Love Or Fear? Which One Are You Allowing to Drive Your Life

‘There are two driving forces in your life: love and fear. Love is your higher self. It is the place of pure intention and hope. When your higher self drives your life you are on purpose and empowered. Life surges through you; you thrive and society thrives because of it. Fear, of course, is its…

25 Inspirational Quotes & Sayings You’ll Love

Life is amazing. Every single day is filled with sources of inspiration; but sometimes we need a little help tapping into that.  That’s the goal of Self Improvement Saga’s weekly inspirational thoughts segment- to help you start your week off fully tuned in, tapped in and turned on to the sheer beauty of your existence…

Can You Love and Respect Life Without Choosing Veganism

While reading the beautifully written article, When You Look at an Animal What Do You See, by Justin Van Kleeck of the Sustainablog, I felt compelled to take a closer look at my own views on animal welfare, veganism and the human superiority complex. According to some, you’re either vegan or you’re the devil.  You’re…