If You Want to Make Art and/or Money, Read This:

  This post is for anyone who is trying to do artistic work (writing, painting, computer programming, sculpting, music composition and recording, whatever) – or trying to make money (entrepreneur, salaried, investor, whatever). People that desire to create and enterprise do a lot to build the world, but it’s often a lonely and frustrating path….

Certain Laws Which Can Help Solve The Equation Of Life

Everyone around has heard about Laws of Attraction and to spend a life full of contentment and satisfaction is no more a dream once you begin applying those laws. Only what they have gained is a statement that partition is between you and the impossible.

38 Money Saving Tips You Can Not Afford to Miss (Part 1)

Are you looking for some easy ways to save money?  If so, I have 38 suggestions that will put you on the right track.  Enjoy the first 25 of these money saving tips and feel free to add your own suggestions in the comment section.  Also, don’t forget to come back for part 2, #26…

More Great Ways to Save Money – Part 2 of 38 Money Saving Tips

This is part 2 of 38 Money Saving Tips You Can’t Afford to Miss.  If you didn’t read part 1, you missed out on the first 25 easy ways to save money.  You may want to check it out at the link above. Easy Ways to Save Money (# 26 – 38) 26. Get on…

Home Based Business – Your Time Is Valuable

If someone has told you that the day to day of operating a home based business is challenging, they were not lying to you. However, I hope that they did not leave the part out about how rewarding it is also. The good news is that there are several tools which have been created for the benefit of people who work at home. For example, people who are constantly shipping packages to customers will benefit greatly by purchasing a digital scale, and printing shipping labels off from their computer. A step as simple as this can save hours each month.