How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move

Sometimes moves take us hundreds of miles from our hometown-to new states, countries, or even continents. These moves are harder to plan for, and require a bit more work to pull off successfully.

Help, I’m Moving in Two Days!

Put away thoughts of getting anything else done, because these final two days are going to be all about your move. Very few of us will have all of the packing, cleaning, etc., done and be able to sit back and rest on our laurels.

Essential Things To do 6 Weeks before Moving day

Whether you just learned you would be relocated with your job or youve decided that a change is in order, moving can be both thrilling and extremely stressful. While most everyone is blessed with enough common sense to know not to pack their delicate china in the same box as parts from their home gym, knowing what to do and when to do it is not always blindingly obvious.

Inspirational Thoughts: Letting Go of This, Moving On From That

To the untrained eye, it may seem that life success is defined by everything we win, find, buy, receive and accomplish.  But when it really comes down to it, the success we experience in life is much less about what we get and much more about what we let go. Think about it.  Getting a…

Your Final Moving Day Checklist

Moving day can be one of the least anticipated days of the year, second only to root canals and prostate exams in terms of popularity. The following guide may not have you looking forward to moving day the way a child looks forward to a birthday party, but it should help alleviate some of the dread.

I Feel the Earth Move: How to Avoid Moving Day Disasters

Ah, moving day, that special time of year when most of your friends and family suddenly have pressing business elsewhere! Chances are a few kind souls will offer to help, though, so have a supply of snacks and cold drinks on hand.