5 Fertile Thoughts for Personal Growth: Thinking about Thinking

Personal growth depends to an unknown extent on our ability to be aware of, and think about, our thoughts, feelings and behavior. However if we don’t ‘do internal work’, think deeply about this vast uncharted area, we are certainly going to lead a life that is more lifeless and robotic. If we lead our life…

Become Unbreakable: 10 Tips to Create More Personal Resilience

How much better would your life be if you were unbreakable? If you knew that no matter what happened that you would survive and persevere — and that maybe you’d even come out a little better? We cannot escape pain, difficulty, failure, tragedy, and heartache. Sooner or later it will find us despite our best…

How Healthy Are You? My Vegan Diet Personal Redemption

Recently I wrote about how you can start closing the gap between the life you are living and your best life . . . but I received some reader complaints. Desire to live their Miracle Question life? Check. Ideas and solutions to start closing the gap? Check. Energy to get their plan (and butt) into…

How Personal Values and Life Purpose Can Make You Rich

Are you committed to being rich? I don’t necessarily mean riches as in money, but rich in whatever way is of most value to you. Most of us at least try to strive toward some sort of riches, but what does it take? What does it mean to be your best self, to create and…

How To Defeat Your Introversion

Many folks probably deal with some type of unwelcome timidity. From the recluse to the person who speaks of anything and everything but herself. What makes introversion such a semisweet prison? Most of all, how can we, who wish for the ability to express ourselves, conquer shyness?

What’s in Your Toolbox?

Think tools are just for carpenters and plumbers? Think again! Everyone has a toolbox, or should have.