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April 22, 2020 Off

No Packrats Allowed

By Brian Hodson

Moving to affordable self-storage or to a new home is a terrific time to get rid of unwanted things. Eliminating clutter before packing is an often-overlooked but crucial part of the moving process. It’s very important to determine which items belong in the new house and which should be left behind. Take into consideration whether you’ll have more or less space and whether or not the new rooms will be serving the same purpose as the old ones.

February 17, 2020 Off

What to Do the Week before Your Move

By Affordable Storage Guy

Your last week in your old home may go by in a blur. There’s so much to keep track of: giving your bank and utility companies your new address, arranging for services to be turned on at your new home, and any cleaning and packing still left to do.

January 28, 2020 Off

Finalizing Your Move-The Last Week

By Affordable Storage Guy

Your final week will be filled with packing, cleaning, and making the final arrangements for your move. Your bank, credit card, cell phone and utility companies should all know your moving date and your new address. Confirm that the utilities are scheduled to be turned on at your new home in time for your arrival.

November 20, 2019 Off

Tips To Successfully Move An Office

By Mirriam Hawks

Everybody knows how much a pain moving a single family home can be, and just think how hard moving a business is then. Don’t worry though, because this article talks about some drama free options for relocating.