Staying Organized Has Never Been Easier

I’ve got some good news for you – staying organized is much easier than getting organized. To keep things in good order indefinitely, follow these six easy tips.

How an Organized Home and Life Positively Impacts You & Our Planet

Most people would agree that being organized gives you a sense of calm and more time to spend doing the things you love with the people you love. But did you know that being organized positively impacts the planet? As a result of being disorganized in certain areas, we consume more than necessary. For example:

A Clean Closet in 7 Simple Steps

1. Pull Out What You Don’t Want Or Need – This doesn’t have to be a glum process-think of it as going shopping in your closet! Try on the clothes you haven’t worn in a while. Would you buy them again? If so, they’re keepers. (They should fit, be in style, and not need major repairs.) As for the rest, donate or consign it. If your weight tends to fluctuate, get the clothes that don’t currently fit out of your closet and into storage elsewhere-maybe in plastic tubs in your basement. Remember: Your closet should be prime real estate, solely devoted to clothes you currently wear.

Unclutter your Wallet

Do you have a wallet that is overflowing with stuff? Are you constantly frustrated that you can’t find what you need because there are receipts, cards, or misc notes crowding the important things? The following are some simple suggestions to get your wallet organized and keep it organized once and for all. You will learn what to have in your wallet and what NOT to have in your wallet, how you can be ready in the event of an emergency, and important information on how to protect yourself.

How to Make This Year Your Happiest Year

Being a self-proclaimed “Life Simplifier,” I have fought the urge to blog for quite a while now because keeping up a blog doesn’t fit my idea of “simple living.” Recently, however, I’ve felt the need to share the abundance of “simple living inspiration” I have experienced.