Who Are You Following?

Who Are You Following?

November 21, 2020 Off By admin

Well, here we are off to another start. How did your day start? Did you get up knowing what you were going to do today?

Did you make your to do list? Do you follow it, or start than get side tracked? How do you do the things for you?

You worry about what your mother would think, husband, childern, who ever it is that stops you from being you.

Who is it that really cares about you? They say they do, but do they put restrictions on you. I like you if, you do it my way. I love you , as long as you don’t rock the boat, and make me look bad.

Who do they make happy ever day? Themselves or you? Do they tell you are being selfish, yet they are happy? What’s up with that? So, many questions, so little time.

Look to the stars, look at your dreams. What do you really want out of life while you are here in this now. You can have it, you can have it all. Yes, you can.

Like, Will Smith said, in his movie, ” don’t let anyone tell you, you can’t.”

Just because they were told that, and believed it doesn’t mean you have to. Don’t listen to me listen to your heart. It is never to late.

I heard the other day where a lady recieved her diploma at 80. I have heard of people going back to college and getting there degrees at 90.

See you at the top.


I went and set in slience and I knew what to do when I awoke. It all came to me when I let go. Try it sometime. You may be surprised.
beverlybergen@ymail.com See you at the top. I am forever climbing up the stairs, to better things.

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