5 KEYS TO “REAL SUCCESS” From the Heart of a Spiritually Based Entrepreneur

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As a Spiritually Based Entrepreneur you already have the key elements of “real success.” Do you know what they are?

Some of these keys were recently highlighted for me after an inspiring conversation I had with a new client. She called me because she was ready to step into the “bigger place” that is calling her.

Right away I was moved by the love and respect with which she talked about her own clients and colleagues, and the problem they overcame. This new client is planning to write a book about these individuals and others like them, and the solution to the problem they have moved beyond.

She, herself, is one of these people. She knows both sides by heart – the problem and a solution. She lived through the problem and she is living the solution.

When she spoke of “the bigger place” for her she remembered the moment when she knew what she was being called to do. “It came from a place deep inside me,” she said.

She came ready to step into the bigger place that is calling her. I could “see” that her book is only the beginning. The size and possibilities of the vision unfolding from within her were palpable.

In the vein of what she shared in this initial conversation her “real success” is assured and she will be a positive force of change in many lives.

“Real success” nourishes the heart and soul. The motivations behind the actions flow from personal integrity, as do the actions themselves. Some key elements of her potential success follow.

5 “Real Success” Keys of the Spiritual Entrepreneur

  1. Your message is authentic and you walk your talk. This client lived through the problem of which she is called to help others. And she is living the solution.
  2. Ask for help. She knows that what she is saying “yes” to is bigger than her. She can’t do it by herself.
  3. Say “Yes” to the call. This client was called from “a place deep inside me.” She realizes that she was called because there is no one to do this work but her. In the bigger sense of the word, no one can do what she does, the way she does it and have the impact that only she can have.
  4. Know that you have one solution. This client knows that hers may not be the solution for everyone but there are plenty whose lives will be changed as a result. As she shares her gifts and her message, the people who need to see and hear her message will find her.
  5. Come from service first. Service is unconditional love in action. True service is joyful, it is of the heart. She spoke of her “people” with love and respect. Her desire for them is simple and clear – that they heal and have healthier, happier lives.

“Real success” brings all manner of abundance – including financial – because it is in spiritual alignment. Abundance is a principle of the Universe.

As you say “Yes” and step into the bigger place that is calling from deep inside you, as you share your gifts and your authentic message, as you live your message, as you become love in action and as you get the assistance you need so that you can do the previous things, you will be compensated in rich measure.

The richness of this measure comes from the abundance that lives inside your heart and soul – it is what is calling you forth. It is the source of “Real Success.”

Step Into Your Greatness!
And experience “Real Success”

Reggie Odom LICSW, CPCC, PCC is the founder of Inspired Works a Life Coach, inspirational speaker, and lecturer at Simmons College School of Social Work. She is considered a master teacher and unforgettable speaker. Reggie coaches professionals and practice-based entrepreneurs who want more joy and greater aliveness. http://www.reggieodom.com

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