5 Ways To Develop A Positive Attitude

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5 Ways To Develop A Positive Attitude

“A positive attitude may not solve all your problems, but it will annoy enough people to make it worth the effort.” – Herm Albright (1876 – 1944)

All kidding aside, attitude is everything! It is often stated that whatever you think about the most, you tend to bring into your life, whether by choice or circumstance. Have you ever known someone who had a terrible attitude? Perhaps they were extremely negative and pessimistic and not much fun to be around; or they complained non-stop about how terrible their life was. Didn’t you find it draining to be in their presence?

A negative attitude will not only make you miserable, but everyone around you too!

A positive attitude, on the other hand, turns you into a person that everyone wants to be with; a person that constantly experiences great things, and a person who loves their life! Do you want to be that kind of person? If so, read on for some easy ways to develop a positive attitude.

1) Do what you love. This applies to hobbies and fun activities, but it also pertains to one of the biggest parts of your life ? your work! Do you enjoy your job? Are you spending most of your time on something that makes you feel purposeful and fulfilled? If not, consider exploring other career options and moving toward a job you?ll love. When you regularly do things that make you happy, you can?t help but feel better about yourself and your life, which fosters a positive attitude.

2) Expect the best, always. It?s easy to get into the habit of seeing doom and gloom in every situation, but doing so keeps you forever focused on the negative. Instead, make a conscious decision to expect the best, even if your first impulse is to think negatively. Affirm as often as you can, “This is going to work out great! Wonderful things are going to happen today!” The more you do it the more you?ll begin to believe it, and the more you?ll begin to experience just that.

3) Build yourself up. Think and speak positively to and about yourself every day. Most of us are in the habit of talking down to ourselves, which leaves us feeling hopeless, frustrated and pessimistic. Get into the habit of building yourself up with positive self-talk and positive thoughts. Affirm your good qualities and downplay your negative qualities. Affirm that you are a work in progress; not perfect but great nonetheless!

4) Build others up. As often as you can, make an effort to encourage, support and compliment the people you encounter each day. That goes for people you know as well as strangers you meet in your daily travels. The more you focus on emphasizing the positive in others the more likable you?re going to be, and the better you?re going to feel about yourself too!

5) Think strength. The more you worry about your weaknesses and failures the more pessimistic and negative you?re going to feel. Instead, consistently affirm your strengths, talents and capabilities. You?ll end up feeling empowered and in control of your circumstances, which cannot help but improve your attitude!

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