90% Of People Always Plan And They Never Take Action

Today’s topic will be continuing a bit from last night’s topic, which is making decisions. Well, today we will be talking about taking actions.

Let me start with a story of three little birds. Now once upon a time, there were three little birds on a tree. Well, two of them made the decisions to fly. What I’m going to ask here is quite simple. How many birds are left on the three? Some of you might says, one bird is left on the three. For some of you that already knows it, it’s three. Three is the answer. But just knowing is absolutely not enough.

Well, why is it three? It’s because the two birds that actually made the decisions to fly, only made the decisions to fly. They are not taking action. They are just talking about flying, “Hey, why don’t we fly?”, “Yeah, why don’t we fly?”. They keep on talking and talking about flying about doing something but they are not doing it.

That’s how this world are, too many people talking about let’s fly and fly but they are too busy talking about it that they forgot something. They forgot to take action, which is the most important part of an activity. Too many people are talking and discussing about something that they are going to do but they are not actually doing it. I called that “Paralysis by analysis”. They think too much.

There are thousands and millions of people talking everyday about their plans, you too, right? And even me, but ask yourself, are you doing it? Are you actually taking action?

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