A Personal Life Coach’s Single Most Powerful Attraction Tool For Your Personal Life Development

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The Single Most Powerful Attraction Tool

No Matter What You are Going Through

That will Move Heaven & Earth In Your Favor!

The revelation of this most powerful attraction tool is one that is so simple, and basic that for many it may go unnoticed, and often unappreciated because of its simplicity. Some would say that it’s as common as a rock, but when discovered by those who comprehend its value, it is rarer than the world’s rarest diamond.

 Let me warn you not to carelessly think you have “tried this before, but it did not work” for you. If you are serious about changing, no, transforming your life from the inside out (inside out is the only way one can create lasting change) then you must give this powerful tool another look. With dedicated application, and perhaps some personal life coaching assistance, you will begin to see astounding results that even your closest enemies will comment on with guarded admiration.

 If you are experiencing any need or lack in your life, it is because you are deficient in this one powerful attraction tool. If you abundantly apply this powerful attraction tool in every area of your life, and especially where you’re experiencing the most need, you will flip the switch of your attraction magnet. You will begin to attract what you truly desire and repel – literally push away – that which you despise.

 Let me urge you to keep reading if you are at all serious about personal development and transformation of every area of your life goals. This simple, but powerful attraction tool is…


 Catherine Ponder, in her book, The Dynamic Laws of Prosperity, makes this compelling statement, “the ungrateful never prosper”. If you’ve never before experienced the life giving energy of gratitude, let me help you understand why gratitude very literally flips the switch on your attraction magnet to draw or repel your heart’s fondest desires.

 The grateful heart holds at its focus the pure, the good, the true and wonderful and is in an extremely high vibration. If you don’t already know this, all things are in their purest form – energy – at different frequencies. A simple explanation of this would be what happens to a drop of oil next to a drop of water – they do not merge even though they are next to each other – while if you place two drops of water next to each other they will seek to merge because they are of the same energy.

 When you and I are grateful we attract into our lives more of what is pure, good, true and wonderful – since that is the object of our focus. Attraction of these things we desire, need or lack, leads directly to enriched lives, stress reduction and personal growth. For example, if what you desire is more financial abundance, better health, or enriching relationships, you will elevate a magnetic force within you to attract what you desire by targeting your focus on two things:

  1. What you have already that is pure, good, true and wonderful. Be thankful for the money, the possessions, the health, the relationship or certain aspect of the relationship that you have now.
  2. What you desire. Be thankful for what your life will be like with increase and abundance; what your life will be with excellent health; the enjoyment of an enriching relationship; visualize what you desire and express gratitude.

Let me coach you to take a mental inventory right now. Choose an area in which you are experiencing personal emptiness or lack of fulfillment. For example, let’s say that you are unfulfilled or lacking in the area of personal finances. What do you spend the majority of your time thinking about?

  • Do the conversations inside your thoughts – your “self-talk” – focus on or worry about how your bills are going to get paid?
  • Do you spend time thinking and planning how to avoid the creditors when they call?
  • Do you imagine what your course of action will be when you are evicted from your home?
  • Do you rehearse the explanations you will give to your spouse, your children, or your friends when you’ve lost everything?

This is a fearful place to be. These thoughts lower your vibration and energy, and feed the fear and stress that grows inside you.  Napoleon Hill describes what happens to the human soul in the presence of fear in his book, Think and Grow Rich;

Fear paralyzes the faculty of reason, destroys the faculty of imagination, kills off self-reliance, undermines enthusiasm, discourages initiative, leads to uncertainty of purpose, encourages procrastination, wipes out enthusiasm and makes self-control an impossibility. It takes the charm from one’s personality, destroys the possibility of accurate thinking, diverts concentration of effort, it masters persistence, turns the will-power into nothingness, destroys ambition, beclouds the memory and invites failure in every conceivable form; it kills love and assassinates the finer emotions of the heart, discourages friendship and invites disaster in a hundred forms, leads to sleeplessness, misery and un-happiness-and all this despite the obvious truth that we live in a world of over-abundance of everything the heart could desire, with nothing standing between us and our desires

Gratitude is the very best antidote to fear and stress. Gratitude breeds creativity, encourages imagination & self reliance, builds confidence and self-esteem, strengthens enthusiasm, brings to life initiative, leads to definiteness of purpose, eliminates procrastination, and anchors the soul in personal self-control. A grateful person is charming, a clear thinker, more focused, persistent, ambitious, pursuing success with the finest of the heart’s emotions. Gratitude gives birth to love, encourages friendship and seeks opportunity. Gratitude is peaceful and restful; it attracts and makes room for the abundance that our heart desires, delivering life balance. Gratitude gives birth to miracles.

“When you are grateful fear disappears and abundance appears” ~Anthony Robbins

Gratitude gets your hopes up! As you begin to practice the expression of gratititude you will raise your level of expectations, building confidence and raising your self-esteem. It is that level of vibration of grateful expectation and anticipation that magnetically attracts your heart’s desires. You become a deliberate creator of your bright future.

What will you do with this information? Will you move on from reading this report thinking, “yeah, yeah, I’ve heard and tried that before. Tell me something new.” You alone hold the power to change your life, correct your life balance, and reduce all stress. The choice to act and experience the attraction of gratitude is before you now.

What next?

  1. Begin each day by spending the first moments after waking – decide on 5, 10 or 15 minutes – laying there just as consciousness rises in you and you become awake and aware.

    • Start with “Thank you for this day.”
    • Next, allow your mind to go to the area of your life where gratitude comes most easily, thankful for what the most obvious fulfilled hearts desire. Dwell in the gratitude until the emotion rises within you.
    • Now allow yourself to think of the areas where you are experiencing deficiency or need – even there find something, anything that you can be thankful for. DO NOT allow yourself to slip into worry or fear. The minute you slip into worry and fear surrounding your area of deficiency go back to what you know you can be thankful for.
    • Finally allow your mind to contemplate the future. Visualize, in gratitude, your heart’s desire that you seek. Imagine as graphically as you can with grateful anticipation.
  2. Start a Gratitude Journal.

    • Write about what you are thankful for that is present in your life now. Don’t hold back – be thankful for every little thing until you can feel the gratitude rising within you.
    • Write about what you are thankful for in the midst of the current reality of need. If you are in need of finances – discover areas where provision is plenty. For example, “I am very grateful that we have a roof over our head, and I am gratefully anticipating money to pay the utility bills and to buy groceries.”
    • Describe in writing a scenario in your future where you experience your heart’s desire and are grateful.
  3. Share your gratitude with others.

    • Look for opportunities to express your gratitude to those around you. Pay attention to what comes out in spoken words. Immediately stop all complaints and replace them with gratitude. This may take some practice.

“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” John F. Kennedy

The choice is yours. The time is now. If you are truly serious about discovering the true power of gratitude you must trust the simplicity of it.

“Every person is responsible for all the good within the scope of his (or her) abilities, and for no more” Gail Hamilton

Don’t keep this to yourself! Share this powerful tool with every kindred spirit – for gratitude is contagious and will attract like-minded and supportive people who can help bring life to your heart’s desires.

 Contact Janie Behr, Motivational Speaker and Personal Life Coach in Louisville, KY, for additional information and help on achieving personal life goals, reducing stress, improving self-esteem and developing confidence in all of life‘s challenges and through all of life‘s transitions.

– Janie Behr


Contact Janie Behr, Motivational Speaker and Personal Life Coach in Louisville, KY, for additional information and help on achieving personal life goals, reducing stress, improving self-esteem and developing confidence in all of life’s challenges and through all of life’s transitions.

Janie Behr

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