Are you good Chris?

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Yestarday is past, Tomorrow is not present, Today is a gift, let us evaluate today.

Most important thing is to understand universe and yourself. Bu how can you understand your soul and universe. All of them are book, also we need teller to understand content of books. Also we need reading writing facility to show our performance. If a book can not read, this book is zero value for us. We show that universe is too much expensive and too complex system. We can understand only small content. But our life is too short. We must make a lot of things to earn PARADISE. Are there any solution.
Key is our pray words or palavras in this point. We need our heart soul to enter palace. Because our Lord is Merciful Beauty One. He knows everything, he hears everyone, he is our Lord, we are servant, we are soldier. He gave us 24 hour to earn beautiful things in world. We must spend this hours very well.
He sent us messengers. Our messenger is telling him. Messenger says
I am prophet He is only One He is Eternal He is Beauty He is Compassionate He is Merciful He know everything He created everything He is owner of Hell and Paradise
He offers paradise instead of short life; if we believe our messenger and we spend only one hour for Lord wishes
Whenever we hear these words,  palavras, we must say
I believe messenger
I believe angels
I believe that Lord is unique and creator of everything
We came from Him and we will go to his side
I believe that he will create Paradise and Hell for us. Because we see that Lord creates a lot of plants and animals in spring.
We must pray for him with our heart soul
We must open a window or door for our wishes
We can say that
Thanks for everything. We can be stone, we can be plant we can be animal,  But you created us as a human, You gave me health, You gave me thinking capacity. You gave me faith, Please you are Merciful, you know everything, give me and my family Paradise, I know that you can do everything,
Your servant.

He thinks different tries to open new windows and bridges for different cultures He manages

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