Are You In Control?

June 11, 2020 Off By admin

by Matthew Best

For the past week I’ve been focusing on the idea of control.  So often we ask questions
that relate to control – “Who’s in control here?” or “What’s the process?” or “What
results should I expect?”  Often, control and predictability go hand-in-hand. We get caught up in the idea of being in controlThink of times when you are not
in control and remember how insecure you felt. And so, we usually conclude that a certain level of control is either good or bad. I want to challenge your thinking on this for a moment.  What if control was just a part of the process, or the process itself?

Let me explain.  The next time you are at a restaurant, look at a table.  Think of the table in relation to control.  The table has certain weight limitation – how much can go on top of it before it will break.  Doesn’t that weight limit control what will go on the table?  How about the size of the table?  It controls how many tables and in what formation will fit in the restaurant.  The table affects and controls what kinds of limits there are on the chairs that will work well with the table from a height and style standpoint.  The location of the table controls the flow of traffic through the restaurant as well.  You can go on and on.

So much about this table deals with control – yet, is it really about control being good
or bad? Now come back to your business.  Are you in control?  What is in control?  And what does that mean really?  What effects does that have on the business – internal and
external communication, time management, management of others, sales, customer loyalty, etc.?

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