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Is Your Shooting Invisible

Any of this sound familiar? You lifted your head. You should be shooting a tighter choke. Less choke. You missed behind. Over. Too much in front. You haven’t been practicing enough. You should have shot #8’s here. You need to slow down. Swing faster. You need to trust yourself more. Give the target more. Less. And the list goes on.

I respectfully propose to you that the above suspected reasons—likely didn’t cause the miss. I ask you to consider that your swing–from the first 3 inches of muzzle movement went unseen in an errant direction. Muzzle chasing or hunting for the target—in the time you have left before the trigger pull–it will be difficult if not impossible to get the muzzle into the right place. Lost bird, and the inconsistency on your score sheet–X0X0000X.

A swing you are not watching–did not see–can not be counted on to put the muzzle into the right place consistently. After 1 shot, a competent shooting instructor will help you see that swing error. See it clearly–precisely. Not where you missed–but why. Adjust that, 1 shot, 2 shots, 3 shots, 4 shots, XXXX.

Here’s an interesting question: did you just break that target–or did you break it on purpose? Advanced shooters very deliberately duplicate the correct swing. Guiding their gun precisely–they see–exactly what is happening on the other side of their muzzle, shot after shot. The result is not only consistent but predictable.

In order to find the real inconsistency in your swing–precisely–you must first see it–clearly–then adjust it accordingly. The key to improving is seeing–knowing–duplicating a swing that starts and finishes correctly.  If you’re not sure about this and have questions, consider consulting with a certified Paragon instructor.

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