Belief, Good? Bad? Or Both?

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We all know that belief is important. Belief can keep us going when things look bleak or are frustrating. Belief helps us put our feet on the floor in the morning even when we might want to hide under the covers. Yes, belief is important. But… It makes me shudder when someone isn’t doing well in their business, and it is passed off as “not enough belief.” Belief is certainly important, but it is not the whole enchilada. Too many times, I hear people extolling the virtues of “belief” as though that is all it took to make a business run. No so. Further, I would argue that sometimes belief can be part of the problem. Regardless of how important belief is, like most things, if it is over inflated and wrapped too tightly around things it can be a problem. Yes, I know I am on thin ice here taking such a hard look at belief. But hear me out. Something is referred to as a belief rather than a fact, because as says, “…[it is] something not immediately susceptible to rigorous proof.” Therein lies the rub. Belief is a powerful word; a powerful emotion. And like most things that are powerful, a belief can become too powerful. Too often beliefs are considered and treated as truths. Most of us get can get protective around things we consider to be truths. Thus, we often protect our beliefs as though they were truths. That can get a bit sticky.

What Does It mean To Believe In Your Product?

For example, what does it mean to believe in your product?
   * Are we saying it is the best product on the market?
   * Are we saying it is the only product on the market that does what it says?
   * Are we saying that our product is an excellent product and can proudly hold its own in the market?
The problem with the first two statements is they can easily lead to bashing the competition; never a good idea. Bashing the competition undermines our professionalism. The second statement can lead to over promising and under delivering. That is certainly not good for business. The third statement, “our product is an excellent product and can proudly hold its own in the market,” leaves us lots of room to deliver the goods. It leaves other products intact while featuring ours. We “stack up” against the competition rather than denigrating the competition.

My Company Is Better Than Your Company

We can run into the same kind of problem with “Belief in our company.” It is appropriate that we believe our company is the best place for us to be. It is appropriate we believe it is a great company with which to work. But again, we need to ‘stack up’ against the competition, not denigrate other network marketing companies. We are all in this together. Our industry and the companies that make it up need our seal of approval (when they deserve it). A belief in our company that overrides any place for any other company, ultimately blemishes our industry. What might work perfectly for us may not be the best place for someone else…and things may change for us later.

Believe in You

The belief we need to hold close and dear is the belief in ourselves. That belief we need to protect with great fervor and even fury if someone tries to undermine it. Nurturing an ever growing belief in ourselves is healthy and wise. Because you are alive and not stagnant so is the belief you hold in yourself. It too is alive. It grows, shifts and yes sometimes ebbs. If most of the time (that’s 51%) you hold the belief that you are capable of growth, expansion and success, you are on your way. But belief alone is still not enough to get you where you want to go. You need a map, a personal and business map; a vision of how you want to live both today and your tomorrows to come. Next take your belief in you and engage in thoughtful, measurable, contemplated, activity that revolves around the map, the vision you hold for both your personal life and business.
Now that’s a powerful, healthy belief and a driving force to your daily success.

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