Bonding with Baby

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Bonding with your baby starts even before the baby is born. During pregnancy, there seems to be a bond forming between the mom and the baby. That is the reason why babies are so comfortable in the arms of their mothers minutes after they are born.

Bonding is an intense emotional attachment between the parents and their newborn. It’s a natural feeling that is enveloping them. It’s unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. And its intensity is increasing as the moment goes with the time you spend with him.

The activities that you share with your baby add up to the already formed bond between the both of you. Added to that, the bond you share determines his physical and emotional development during this stage.

Below are some ways to help you bond more with your baby:

Talk to your baby – Talk to your baby in a positive way. In this way, even though he still can’t understand what you’re talking about, he will feel the positive vibration that goes with the words you’re saying.

Sing him a lullaby – Hum or sing him a lullaby when you’re putting him to sleep. It helps calm and soothe the baby almost instantly.

Respond to him when he cries – When the baby cries, respond to him immediately by picking him up, holding him in your arms, and rocking him slowly. This will make the baby feel reassured that you are there no matter what happens.

Bathe him yourself – Take special time bathing your baby. This is a fun and enjoyable activity that you both can share.

Take time to massage her – Massaging your baby helps strengthen the bond you both have. It is very essential also for the physical and emotional stability of your baby. Massaging him also conveys the message that you love him.

Touch him often – Touching your baby is beneficial for them. It serves as a language vehicle between the two of you. At an early age, babies respond to skin-to-skin contact that is why it is very important for them to be touch very often. All babies love to touch and be touched.

Breastfeeding – This is in fact, the most important bonding moment between the mother and the baby. It stimulates the baby to respond with certainty to his mother. It is also best for the health status of the newborn.

Provide eye-to-eye contact – Eye-to-eye contact is essential for the developing baby. It is where he sees your facial expressions and imitates it. In this way also, he can feel that you love him dearly by just looking into his eyes lovingly.

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