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Talent as we have known all these years is that it is in-born and latent. Talent is aspecial ability that comes with a person right from the time he is born. This might be right for people who are bestowed with immense flair and aptitude for a particular thing. But this is untrue for many sportsmen and individuals who have made it big.

A talent or special ability can be developed or nurtured just from a thought or  idea that comes into mind. This holds good specially for children, who are like potters clay. A child’s thought or reflection can be well cultivated into a full fledged career or occupation.

It is important that as parents, teachers or coaches you identify that special streak in a child, it could be merely a thought or a reflection or a reaction and then bring it out as a talent and foster it. Evolution of talent requires a lot of practice, as the age old saying goes, “Practice makes a man perfect”.

Daniel Coyle in his book, ‘The Talent Code’ discusses and brings to light how talent can actually flourish. Coyle researches about myelin, a neural insulator produced when we repeatedly “fire a particular circuit” (a particular pathway in the braingenerated by our thoughts). The more myelin produced along that circuit, the “stronger, faster, and more accurate our movements and thoughts become.” Interviewing top coaches, educators and researchers, traveling to talent hot spots and neurology labs, Coyle describes three steps, visualizing and comprehending, repeating and perfecting, and emotional connection as the formula to talent building.

The book, ‘The Talent Code’ has some exemplary examples of hugely successful talented people. Coyle in his book has gone deep into the neurophysiological aspect of learning or to put in a simpler manner, he has studied the architecture of the human brain and how learning affects it. It explains all about myelin. Coyle’s extensive research into the behavorial aspect of the brain is something very novel and new. Developing skills and talent has never been dealt with so scientifically ever before.

The book is a must-buy for teachers, coaches, parents who wish to bring out the falir in their children. It is an insight into how training programs and techniques can be customized keeping in mind, the child and his needs.

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