Coaching People to Realize Their Dreams

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Most individuals are content with the way their lives are turning out. It could be because they don’t want to change the status quo. Perhaps brought about by fear or the overwhelming sense of mediocrity, many prefer to remain stuck in a rut, not minding the bright possibilities that lie ahead.

Meanwhile, a few brave souls who dare to tread the path where others shrink from begin to realize that they have become stronger. Fueled by initial success and a sense of hope, they forge on to take what life has to offer. And they don’t stop at the mere mention of the word achievements. They decide to up the ante by hiring life caches to speed their way to the top.

Build A Millionaire Consciousness

If you are one of the mentors hired by the potential industry movers, follow these tips to contribute more effectively to their development.

Let them write down their goals. It is not enough that goals are set in the mind. They should be written down to ensure commitment and follow through for concrete results. A well-defined goal revolutionizes the client to reach out for success. In a way, it also serves as a catalyst in conspiring all the forces in the universe to make those dreams come true.

Take for example the case of a freshmen college student. If he indicates that he wants to have a Latin honor by the time he graduates, he should post a note and stick it to his table top to constantly remind him on what he has to work on.

Break the goals into smaller chunks. Grand aspirations may seem out of reach if not broken down to realistic and achievable tasks.  The college student in the earlier situation should be advised ton take on year of schooling at a time. In a particular year, he should focus on the current semester he is enrolled in. During that time, he should prepare a daily, weekly and monthly list of his assignments, projects, reports and examinations. This way, it won’t overwhelm him or make him feel he is taking on a Herculean task.

Use the power of positive thinking. Like attracts like. Birds of the same feather flock together. Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. They are just some of the sayings which proves the veracity that objects or events with the same vibrations come together.

In our example, the student should chant “I will graduate with honors” everyday, once upon waking up and once before going to sleep. He should also block out negative thoughts because it could hinder his drive to excel.

See, in just three easy ways, you can become a great life coach.

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