How can i boost self confidence and get rid of the jealousy bug?

I have such low self esteem/confidence and i shouldn’t. People assure me i’m pretty and i know i’m not ugly but i always put myself down, especially when i’m in relationships. I constantly get nervous my guy is going to think other girls are prettier and i worry about not being good enough, i’ve even suffered from eating disorders.

I hate it. I want to know that i’m worth something so that it stops affecting other aspects of my life. I want to have good confidence and be assured that i never have to worry about another girl with my guy.

One thought on “How can i boost self confidence and get rid of the jealousy bug?

  1. Think of it this way: If your guy checks out other girls and he makes you feel that they are better than you, then I think he is the problem, not you. He doesn’t deserve you, since he doesn’t understand the true meaning of a relationship. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Keep trying new relationships without worrying if you are pretty or not. Eventually, you’ll find a nice guy who likes you for your personality and for who you really are, not just for your looks.

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