How can I get more self confidence with my work?

I am a designer but I rely on other people's praise for all of my confidence – I would love to have confidence in what I do without looking to other people – does anyone know how? Thanks!

One thought on “How can I get more self confidence with my work?

  1. Work is worship.

    Do not take other people's praise at its original value. You do not know their intentions and motives. Their praise is always based on your present standing i.e. political, financial, physical or moral status. Do not get carried away. Self-confidence has to be built on your own. The right method is to nurture good habits. After good habits, you have to build strong moral behavior. This gives foundation for a good character base. Be positive. Have right vision. Direct your time, energy and resources towards right pursuits. These are the simple ways to improve self confidence.

    The answer box is small. Hence excuse me. Since you are a designer, please design your ways further.

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