How do you gain confidence when you are so unsure of yourself?

Hi! I’m a frehman in college this year and would consider myself to have to potential to be a really happy person. However, i am very self-conscious and have little to no friends. I want to be happy and confident, but when i look at the confidence, friends, and overall attractiveness of others, i feel discouraged.

How can I gain confidence and happiness when i am so unsure of myself? I’m trying to work on it but its such a steep hill!

Thank you for any advice!!!

One thought on “How do you gain confidence when you are so unsure of yourself?

  1. the first thing u need to do is quit caring about what others think of you….its your life to live not theirs and really who are ‘they’ that u need to waste ur sanity on worrying about what they think of u? we all came into this world the same way and we all rot in the ground afterwards therefore nobody is that special that u need to worry about what they think of u.

    u have no choice but to live with what looks and personlity u have and life is short. so instead of wasting it all on worrying about it, figure out ways to rock what u got. we are all beautiful in our own way, and not one girl is more hotter than the next, as the world is made up and good and evil, dark and light.

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