How To Design Your Life To Success? Finding Your Identity (Part 1)

January 18, 2021 Off By admin

Have you ever think of what is the purpose of your life? What exactly do you live for? Can you complete the sentence I’m giving you? “God created me for…” Please answer it first before you continue reading.

It may seem like only a question, but that question created my success. It is only a simple question, and yet we never spend time thinking about the answer. We never deliberately design our life to success; some people just let their life flow like the river. Of course it is great if our lives flow to the right place, but what if it flows to a place we don’t like?

Most people only design their life for short term plans. Some people even spent more time on choosing what they’re going to wear and what are they going to eat longer than the time they spent on choosing their identity.

How important is designing our life? There are too many things that is out of our reach that we can’t control, but no matter what happens, if we have the correct identity, having the correct ability to give definition in our life, we need to design our life correctly.

The whole concept of designing our life starts from finding our identity. Who are you? Now please answer that question before you continue. Who are you? (10 seconds to answer)

Now most of you will probably answer, “I am (saying his name out loud) Tantawi Sagara.” And when you’re asked, “Who are you Tantawi Sagara?” You will just answer that Tantawi is the son of (saying his parent’s name) or maybe you will say your position in a company or in your household, maybe you will say “I’m the General Manager of Ford Motor Company.”

Or you might also say you’re a doctor from Harvard or you’re a professor, a MBA from this and that. It’s alright, it’s your position, and you’re absolutely free and welcome to say it. That’s how most of the people say it, and just so you know, most people are not success and rich.

Identity is who are you, your character and your condition that you want. Hear me correctly here; identity is the character, the condition that you want. Not what you have. If you’re constantly saying, “I’m a poor person”, “I’m stupid”, “I’m a loser, and I was born to be one”, “I suck at doing this and that”  indirectly your saying, your beliefs, your actions, your feelings, will always try to appear like what you’ve just said as your identity. If your name is John Doe, then people will say John Doe is a stupid person.

Identity is what forms your life. If you do not design it well and design it early, you will find your life a mess.

For example, you’re someone that has a really good voice, an angelic voice perhaps. But you lack of confidence. And then one day when you start to sing in public, by any chance, your friends heard you sang, and then he said, “Hey, your voice sounds like a screeching mouse.” Indirectly, he is growing your identity if you let yourself be influenced by him. You will not want to sing anymore because you think you sound like a mouse. That will be your identity, and you need to change it.

Now I want you to start changing your identity, don’t let somebody else designs your life. You design your own life to the top, to the peak of success. I want you to write on a piece of paper, who are you exactly? The real you that is inside.

For example, Tantawi Sagara is an always cheerful person, always giving thanks to God no matter what happen, successful, fun, likes to talk in public, and cares for his family. But you don’t need to start long, just write a sentence. It could be “I am a successful person or I am a nice person” (even if you’re not success at the moment, because when you start thinking that you’re a successful person, you will become one, believe me on that).

Write it on a piece of paper, and then stick it to someplace where you can often see them; in your wallet, or your bike or your car, anywhere.

And you can always change it; you can always adjust it to anything you want. Start from there today. Have a great day!

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