How to get natural and permanent confidence?

May 12, 2020 Off By admin

I do drama at school. It was our last dramsa lesson of the year and we were playing a "fun" game. When the teacher picked your number you had to go up on stage, pick up this stick and pretend it was a certain object and the other person would follow along. To my horror, my number was picked. I reluctantly went on stage and picked up the stick. I had abbsolutely NO idea as to what to do. I just stood there and completly frooze for about three minutes and then I started to pick up my act and after about five minutes of crappy acting, someones number got picked and I got to sit down. The girl I acted with was really nice and tried to help my as much as she could. I just never ever want that to happen again. I wasn't poorly prepared or anything but it's just that I just lack so much confidents in what I do. How do I gainn natural confidence and keep it. I also suffer from peer pressure when it comes to clothes and stuff. Getting permanent confidence will help me with peer pressure as well.
My old drama teacher has now left so maybe next year I can get a fresh start. The teacher I had was very intimidating. Do you think a new teacher will help a lot or do you think I just need to believe in myself?