How to raise confidence in driving a car?

I obtained my P1 license 2 months ago and started driving 3 days ago. I don't know why I feel very unconfident in driving the car. Something inside makes me feel very scared every time I think about driving a car to somewhere and don't know when I will break the law. Does anyone have any ideas how to boost up the confidence in driving the car safely?

One thought on “How to raise confidence in driving a car?

  1. the best advice is just to take it slow and PRACTICE!! the only way you are going to become comfortable with driving is to slowly do it and get used to it. start slow… just run one quick errand or just drive around the block. don't push urself to do more than you feel comfortable with. have someone you trust and is a good driver come with you some time and give you some pointers. that way, you will know that you are doing things right and feel more confident.
    try not to worry, everyone is a little nervous at first. just trust urself and take it slow… IT WILL COME!! 🙂
    good luck!

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