How to solve problems in business and in life with creative solutions

How to solve problems in business and in life with creative solutions

By Dennis Fisher

It makes no difference whether you are self-employed as the sole owner of  a very small business, or the Managing Director of a very large organization, there will always be occasions when you are faced with tricky situations and difficult problems in your business.

Not only will “creative insight” help you solve your business problems, the special techniques could help you deal with many difficulties in other areas of your life!

What exactly is creative insight?   It is the ability to use one’s imagination to connect unrelated objects by looking at them from a new and different perspective.

There are a number of techniques you can master that will help you develop this skill.  One technique you will find very effective is the ‘WHAT IF” approach.

An often quoted example of this “what if” approach, that can be used to stimulate your creative imagination, is the following: 

A huge truck, laden with goods is forced to stop when it comes to a tunnel too low to allow it to pass through.   Although the difference in height is only a few inches, it is impossible for the truck to enter the tunnel.  The driver and assistants stand around, helplessly, scratching their heads, wondering what course of action to take. 

Suddenly a little boy on a bicycle arrives on the scene.  He surveys the situations for a few minutes.  Then he  speaks out aloud: “It’s such a pity the truck wasn’t a little lower, isn’t it?”

The men turn around and look at him with scorn, but he ignores them and continues:  “What if the truck was a little lower?”    “Don’t you think it would be a good idea to  let the air out of the tires?”

This is an oft-quoted but neverthless dramatic example of the success of using the “what if” approach to view situations from a different perspective.

 Let me give another example.  In this case it is personal.

 In this situation members of my staff in my business found this “what if” approach very effective indeed in finding a solution to a problem.

A short while ago a business I was running moved into new business premises.  We were faced with the problem of moving a huge, extremely heavy safe from one position to another.  Professional safe movers were not immediately available.  The situation had to be tackled immediately so my staff was obliged to handle the problem themselves.

In spite of their efforts they found the safe far too heavy to move manually and there was no equipment available to assist in the process.  The staff were standing around looking very frustrated and puzzled, when a bright young man, who had recently joined my company, spoke up.  “Hang on a second. I think I’ve got an idea!  What if the safe had wheels?

He had noticed a broom stick lying nearby and the thought struck him. If the handle of the broom could be cut into small sections and placed under the safe, this would have the same effect as wheels.

This was immediately done. The ingenious idea worked very well indeed. By slowly rolling the heavy safe placed on the make-shift wheels, the men were eventually able to maneuver the huge safe into the new position.

This creative insight and creative learning approach involves looking at commonplace articles that you use very day from a different   perspective, then using your imagination to visualize how they could be used in a completely different way.

A typical example of is the use of a ladies stocking to replace a broken fan belt in a motor car, when you are  suddenly faced with this problem and a new fan belt is not immediately available.

Creativity is the most important element in solving  business  problems, but also in finding solutions for difficulties in personal relationships.  It is a skill that improves with constant practice.  There are a number of techniques you can use to develop this skill.

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Dennis Fisher is the Managing director of Investment and financial companies. Apart from his interest in business he has spent years studying ways to develop creative powers and the ability to improve one’s ability to think more creatively. His ebook “The complete guide to creative thinking describes these techniques in detail.Visit http://www.creativemindpowers.com to find out more about this book.

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