Identifying what you desire with the law of attraction

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Deliberate attraction – Identifying What you desire

Deliberate attraction simply means to consciously invite the things that you want into your life. Deliberate attraction is very important. It is something that we all should be doing because if we are not consciously aware of what we are bringing into our lives, we’ll always be wondering why we get the things we do.

Now there is a 3 step formula to the law of attraction:

Step 1: Identify what you desire

Step 2: Give what you desire attention

Step 3: Allow It


All of these steps sound very easy but if you are like me, you are stuck at step one, and it is okay because most of us don’t know what we really want, but it’s easy for us to figure out what we do want. Although we shouldn’t spend much time focusing on what we don’t want, the knowing of what we don’t want will actually help us to find out what we do. Here is what I mean:


My family and I wanted to relocate because we no longer wanted to live in the city that we were living in, but we didn’t know where we wanted to move. So we made a list of all the reason why we didn’t want to live in that city and here is a short version of that list:

  1. Too Flat, no mountains or hills
  2. People aren’t friendly
  3. Can’t visually tell when the season change
  4. Real-estate is too expensive
  5. Small lots
  6. Far from shopping malls & plazas
  7. Lots of lizards and frogs
  8. Not that much new developments or master planned community
  9. Cost overall cost of living is too high


Now that we have our list of things that we do not like about city that we live in, we can now determine what we do want in the city that we will move to and all we have to do is ask ourselves what do we want?

After asking ourselves that question here is what our list now looks like

 Our Ideal Home Community

Things We Don’t Want/Dislike                                         

It’s Too Flat

People Aren’t Friendly

Either Too Hot or Too Wet

Can’t Visually When The Seasons Change

Real-Estate Is Too Expensive

Far From Shopping Plaza

Cost Of Living Is Too High


Things We DO Want

Hills, Mountains, Lakes & Rivers

Friendly People & Neighbors

Variety of Weather

Would Like To See The Season Change

Better Real-Estate Prices

Live Closer T Shops & Plaza

Better Cost Of Living Ratio


This list can always be refined as you find things that you do not like about your current situation, take note, you then can ask yourself “what do I want” Now this can be used in any situation. Here is another example:

I own coaching business & training business and when I first started my business, I was running into all kinds of issues with my clients. One day I sat down and made a list of the things that I didn’t like about the client that I was attracting, here is what the short version on of that list look like:

  1. Complain About Pricing
  2. Don’t Pay On Time
  3. They turn in required paper work late
  4. Try to tell me how to do my job
  5. Don’t Refer Business
  6. Show-up late to appointments
  7. Keep Changing Their Minds
  8. Don’t Return Calls

So once again, I clearly know what I don’t want and by looking at my list I can figure what it is that I do want.

My Ideal Client

Things I Don’t Want/Dislike                                       

Complain About Pricing

Don’t Pay On Time

They turn in required paper work late

Try to tell me how to do my job

Don’t Refer Business

Only Have A Hand full Of Clients

Keep Changing Their Minds

Don’t Return Calls

Things We DO Want

Happily Pay Me For My Services

Pay On Time

Turn in paperwork on time

Trust My Skills & Judgment

Always Refer Business

A Constant Flow

They Know What They Want

Always Return My Calls

Needless to say that shortly after creating this list and doing the steps that I will show later in this program, I have had such an influx of great clients that I have had to create a limit to how many clients for how many clients that I take-in.

Through a brief observation of contrast I was able to gain clarity. And whether we know it or not we all use this method. We use this method when we are trying to figure out what we want to eat, what movie we’re going to watch, what we are going to wear and whenever we are undecided about a thing that we want to do, be or have.  Once we take out what we don’t want, getting what we want becomes easier.

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