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iMantri is an online mentoring platform venue for finding and interacting with mentors and a platform that facilitates the mentoring process.

iMantri’s structured mentoring process is facilitated by a framework and a set of tools for planning, interaction, feedback, and ratings. The members will have a choice to follow an unstructured and ad-hoc mentoring process. While the application allows for subject experts and professional mentors to offer their services, it is built to unlock the peer-to-peer mentoring potential.

There is enough evidence that mentoring works and makes a positive impact on participants in particular and the eco system in general. In corporations mentoring programs have shown to reduce attrition rates, boost employee morale, foster diversity and enhance career progression. In society, mentoring programs such as Big Brothers and Big Sisters have proven their efficacy in preventing youth from pursuing an errant path and in helping provide a positive role model.

iMantri encapsulates the peer-to-peer paradigm of the emergent business social networking space and aims to foster mentoring connections between members who can be mentors and mentees at the same time. More than a listing of a mentoring classifieds, iMantri provides a framework for mentoring as well as tools to facilitate the process.

iMantri applies the best of both mentoring and social networking to create a non-hierarchical mentoring relationship based on individual expertise. This means that mentors and mentees can both give and receive advice and acquire new skills based on their areas of knowledge and goals.

“Mantri” (pronounced as “Man” “Three”) is a Sanskrit word and means a minister, wise man, a counselor, a trusted advisor and a mentor. In addition to Sanskrit, the word has similar meaning and connotation in other languages such as Malay, Indo-China, and Arabic cultures.

iMantri’s core features include:

* Competency Assessment: Users will be able to assess their competencies and generate a mentoring needs analysis which pinpoints areas of strength and weakness

* Goals/Issues based Mentoring: While competencies are building blocks, some of the users who want to focus on a specific goal or resolve a specific issue can find content, context, resources and mentors based on their area of interest

* Mentor-Mentee Matching Engine: Users will be able to search for a mentor or a mentee and be intelligently matched with the right people

* Mentoring Framework and Tools: Mentors will be able to define needs in detail, create a mentoring process and implement it using tools for planning, interactions, feedback, and rating

* Mentoring Resources: Individual users will be provided contextual resources such as books, articles, news and related products and services that they can use in their mentoring process

Join iMantri to find mentors who can help you achieve your goals and objectives and/or mentor others who might tap into your wisdom and expertise. Either way it is intellectually rewarding and life enriching experience.

iMantri is a peer-to-peer social network for mentoring and coaching. The site facilitates connections between mentors and mentees and also provides a framework and tools for fostering mentoring relationships online. iMantri is founded by veterans in the field of management and technology and with a strong advisory board of experts from the coaching, mentoring, training and leadership development worlds. The company is headquartered in Silicon Valley. Visit iMantri at:

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