Insanity, Faith and Hope – The Reasons for Women to Turn to Coaching

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As my experience as the life coach for the women, I had asked my customers that why they had chosen the coaching for helping them the achieve goals and address issues. Though I had received the myriad of the answers, they are all boiling down to the three things that are Faith, Insanity and Hope.

The people who had fallen into Faith category are tending of having lost the faith in them. They believed that they can’t make the self-assured decisions or choices regarding their lives that impact on their confidence and self esteem. For restoring their self convictions, they had come for coaching that will be helping them through the low points that are occurring in their life. Therefore, this is very important that as the life coaches I had shown to women that I had worked with that they were correct for putting their faiths in me & the coaching professions by showing that I am qualified for coaching and abiding by the code of ethics and conduct. It continues all through their coaching relationships until the clients are faith full, excited and full with confidence about opportunities in their life.

Hope is the other reason for people that come for coaching. Women I had worked with the person who had fallen into such groups often had tried several different methods for achieving their goals but with the limited or even sometimes with no success. They are turning to the coaching in a hope that this will help them to achieve what had previously been unachievable. They are hoping the involvement of the life coaches that will give them all the motivation, tools and support needed for achieving their previously indefinable goals. The coaches should allow such particular clients with the rehabilitated sense of the hope which they will be succeed with the goals and will focus upon the motivations that can often be the issue with the client who had tried of achieving their goals in the past years & yet not successful.

Insanity is the next reason. Their clients are ones who had come to me & said, “Everybody think that I am crazy but I want to do…”, and “I know it is mad but…” They had the belief that the goal of them is so absurd that they would not achieve them – but they can’t let them go. They had come for coaching in using the life coach as the sounding boards, as the neutral third parties for discussing their idea of being “insane”. The couples of the women I had coached had been taken back when I had told them about that their ideas are completely typical, & most important, achievable! The previously “the pie in sky” thinking of them now had clarity & the impossible now become possible. The coach needs ability for identifying the insane idea & if their goals are impossible they look into the little deeper.

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