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An Inspirational Story & Video

inspirational story picIf you’ve turned on the T.V. one too many times only to get bombarded by stories of trauma, murder, death and disaster; I have a little treat for you today.

You may not know it judging by mainstream media content, but wonderful, miraculous stories happen every single day of our lives.  There is good news everywhere, promoted or not.

Those who sit around weeping and believing we live in a sad world that’s at the end of its days, are simply not paying attention to all there is to appreciate.  It’s time to wake-up from the brainwashing.  Open your eyes and your mind to miracles, large and small.

What I’ve included here is a video snippet of a recent survival story. This young woman lost nearly everything when her house burned down in February, 2011.  Most crushing of all was the loss of her beloved dachshund, Lola.

As unlikely as it may seem, little Lola was found alive in the burned out home 27 days later. Not only had she survived the fire, she made it through nearly an entire month alone in a seemingly unlivable environment.

This miraculous story is one of millions. No matter what you see in the newspaper or on T.V., always remember that miracles happen everyday.  They happen all around you and they can also happen to you.

Give thanks, appreciate and expect a miracle in your life.

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Photo credit: Jeffie Brown

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