Learning From Mistakes

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what this allows me to do is try. I can, without fear of any internal anguish and remorse make mistakes and in the process pick up a few valuable lessons and conversation starters.

What to do if you want to do the same?

Oh, the first part is simple. By nature we are made to learn by trial & error and each of those trials takes us towards our learning. 
So if you want to make mistakes do the following:

1. Seek
2. Do
3. Laugh when you fail.

there, wasnt the first part of making mistakes simple?

Its the second part of not repeating your mistakes that is difficult and tumutlous.

Some of the steps I follow are mentioned below, but to be honest I still flounder. I realize after having goofed that I have in recent memory lapsed on the same account before. I welcome suggestions…here are my tips:

1. Keep a mistake/learning memory pad – hand, electronic, etched on wood doesnt matter. 
Record the following:
– The situation
– The key players
– The success part
– The learning / mistake 
– Why it happened
– what YOU can do to avoid it in the future.

2. Regular assesment/review – I cannot stress this part enough. Our memory plays tricks on us. You may not remember the ordeal as it occured when it happened.

3. feedback – very important part of the process. give yourself feedback. list the positives from the ordeal and remember to tell yourself you are smarter because of it.

4. read the early signs – when a new situation develops learn to read the signs early. these indicators will warn you about the incoming storm and if you have weathered one before you would be ready when it arrives!

history repeats itself. 

the second time around make amends, be smarter, be in the know and in the right.

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