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by reuben p, joseph

The workshops are conducted for three days; three hours per week; that will cover all aspect within self confidence, development, modeling i.e.

Anyone interested in the self development and the self confidence workshop must be prepared to deliver enthusiasm, self motivation, confidence and self esteem. Due to lack of self esteem, personal problems, not having the opportunity to interact with the right people, how to conduct themselves; this workshop will help you target those areas. 

In the modeling workshop, you will learn how to pose, your posture, eyes contact, speech, regarding any occasion that may occur during this project.

A wealth of knowledge will be advantage, but not essential; for this workshop. It is a new exciting project for anyone who has the potential to make it in the industry. Today the media sells image and power to the masses. The workshop is instructed on a positive self learning; to love yourself and make use of what you have; helping you to set goals, and also guide you in ways which to achieve your goals.

The workshop is beneficial in many positive aspects; it promotes a higher sense of community spirit bringing together people of different cultures, race; working together to proceed goals and opportunities. Participants will meet new friends and learn about each other’s culture. They will also learn about the fashion and beauty industry, which could lead to a future career.
Most important, this workshop is here to give you more self esteem to achieve what you believe is right for you.

You will also have the opportunity to meet with professional people who have experiences in their respective field i.e. beauty, fashion and professional career. These people will be invited to the workshop to give lectures and live demonstration to inspire you to accomplish your dreams.

At the end of the workshop participants will be given a PORTFOLIO certificate of achievements and the selected top models will be contracted to Fashion Ryot Production Company. GAIN EXPOSURE TO MODELING AGENCY AND TALENT SCOUTS.

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