Live Your Life With No Regrets-It Starts Now

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I wish I had time to…

Could this be the moment that you start to achieve?

Consider this:

You choose what you do with your time

What do you have to do differently today to really enjoy the most important things in your life?

Never do something just to “kill time” – if you find yourself with some spare time, treasure it and do something special.Wisdom comes with years, but there is nothing to stop any of us asking those who have been down the road before us if they can give us some clues to be smart on our journey.

Everyone believes that they will have a long life, but what if next month was the end of the journey for you?Does that idea want to make you get busy or what?I am sure that given that news, you would cherish every moment. For someone, their life will end on Friday. Never miss the moment, ever, because it won’t come back.

Time frames might look something like this for people in a modern society.

Sleep = 6-8 hours
Meals = 1-2 hours
Work = 8 + hours
Spare = 6-9 hours

Looks fine in theory but we all know that life gets in the way and there is no way that you will have 6-9 hours per day to do the things that you want, right!

This is not enough time, is it?

Imagine what you could do with some serious time like that?

So how do you get 6 weeks a year to do this – just find 1 hour per day.

Can you find one hour a day to devote to your goals – just one?

Maybe you could start with the two biggest time thieves that we have in our modern lives – TV and surfing the web.

Here are some other ideas for finding the time to work on your goals.

Do important things early in the day. Get up one hour earlier and go to be one hour earlier – give it a try. Become a morning person and get things done early.

Maybe you can find a number of smaller time windows to work on your goals.

Get a watch with an hourly chime. Respect your time. When you hear the chime – look at what you have done in the last hour – did it help you to achieve a goal?

If you think of yourself as being on an hourly rate 24 hours a day, the value of your time will come into perspective.

Think carefully about how you spend your time.It is not about accounting for every minute of the day. It is about making conscious decisions about what you choose to do with your time. Get a plan, get cracking and have fun achieving your goals.

Live Life and Have Fun!

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Don McKay

Live Your Life With No Regrets-It Starts Now

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