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Self Help Writer Father Time Sends Awesome Motivational E-Mails Daily! You Can Get A Free Sign-Up For A Limited Time! This Is Good News For You!


My name is Father Time, and I am a published writer for the past 32 years. I write many positive mental attitude pieces, self-help materials, as well as some spiritual, philosophical, and “feeling good” type magazine articles, essays, and even some poetry, and some sales and marketing training. I often write as what they call a “ghost writer” for other people, so my name rarely appears in print. To me, the Good Karma is more important than the recognition! The pay check or fee isn’t bad either!

I have written many nice Greeting Card Verses of Love or Friendship, some poems and even a few song lyrics, but don’t ask me which ones…remember: Ghost Writer! (By the way, when many celebrities write a book about themselves…a ghost writer actually did most of the writing, but doesn’t get mentioned in the credits!)

On my Fabulous Online SuperStore you will find a great many cool items at:, which you will LOVE and when you do, please do me a favor and tell a few of your friends about it!

My awesome website has a Daily Motivational e-mail Service for only 30 bucks a month! People are happy to pay this because it is ONLY a dollar a day, and these e-mails are usually fabulous! However, for a limited time ONLY, you can hop on my website and register to receive the e-mails for FREE! Please Click Here To Learn More About Father Time’s Daily Dose Of Motivation Via e-mail! If the talking character is there to offer you a FREE subscription, then it will be your lucky day! You can sign up for free, and there is no telling how long the free subscription might last! It may be for three months, or maybe forever, I have not yet decided!

Spread some Good Karma by telling a few friends about this e-mail service, either by sending them this article or by sending them the link to my website (the URL for that specific page) but PLEASE do not sign up other people…some folks are funny about who they receive e-mails from and why! **Please let them sign up for themselves! Thanks!**

After you sign-up, you can get ready to have some great and cheerful thoughts, funny stories, powerful quotes, words of wisdom, and other uplifting thoughts delivered to your inbox, every single day!

People often say that there is nothing that is free in this life, but some things really are for FREE, particularly on the internet! By the way, we never sell, rent, loan or give away our list of subscribers…so sorry…

We look forward to having you as a new subscriber, while the FREE sign-up period lasts, and if you miss it, then you might catch it again at some later date! Or perhaps there will be a special rate from time to time!

Many Blessings To All!

Father Time has been a published writer for over thirty two years and particularly focuses on motivational and self-help writing and speaking! He also has many years of sales experience and writes sales & marketing training and materials. He has a fabulous eBook featuring over 111 Ideas How Practically Anyone Can Make Money From Home With Their Very Own Home Based Business! You don’t have to live in the USA for this eBook to help you!

Father Time currently does a lot of writing for hire, especially article marketing pieces for folks who have their own websites to promote. IF you have a website, you should contact him for some good writing to promote your site; right away! You will be glad that you did! Details are found on his website!

Father Time also deals in wholesale merchandise, and is willing to help ordinary people who need to earn cash, by selling small quantities of wholesale items that people can re-sell for a cash profit. This is an easy way to earn an immediate cash income, it’s just like selling Avon, for example! There are great catalogs available as well!

Father’s website: and if YOU are simply purchasing at retail, you save an extra 15% off. (Sorry, discount doesn’t apply to writing, readings, eBooks, sales items, or wholesale packages) The coupon code is: SaveNow

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