Photoshop Elements Tutorial On Hand Tinting Your Photos

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If you want to make your photos fabulous all you need to do is add a bit of hand tinting and you can turn something ordinary into something extraordinary. Whether you want to add a bit of color to a black and white photo, alter colors in your existing colored photo, or even put some black and white into your colored photos you can create masterpieces worthy of an art gallery.

Before you begin working on your photo I recommend you create a copy of it first so your first step is to open the photo in your software program then choose file and save as to give it a new name. Also, to save time, I recommend you save your work to your desktop so you can easily find it when you are finished working on it.

The first thing you want to do is open up the layers palette and drag the photo background layer to the copy icon, thereby creating a new copy of your photo on a different layer; from here you want to click on “Target” and select this new layer and remove the color from your photo by pressing SHIFT+CTRL+U. Now you want to open up your levels dialog box by either using the windows menu or pressing CTRL+L.

I also like to hit “Auto” to see what my image looks like before I begin to play around with it. If you want to darken shadows you can adjust the Black slider more to the right; conversely, to brighten the highlights you can move the White slider to the left; when this is finished you can click OK.

Now select the eraser tool, using a soft round brush set at round 5-10% opacity and about 30 pixels breadth. While bearing in mind that you are trying for a soft, transparent look you can begin to erase the areas on your photograph where you would like to see a bit more color. If you make a mistake, or erase too much, remember that you can use the Undo, or Ctrl+Z bottom at anytime to get back what you accidentally erased.

Finally this Photoshop Elements tutorial recommends you increase your brush size to enhance the areas where you would like more color and then you can either merge all of the layers or simply flatten and then save your beautifully hand-tinted digital photo.

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