Positive Suggestions Affirmations and Autosuggestion – Short Guide

Positive Suggestions Affirmations and Autosuggestion – Short Guide

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Using positive suggestions in the form of affirmations can spark within you a new positive state of being. I’ve been using these several of techniques for over five years now and the effect that it has on my life is simply staggering.

Positive suggestions are pretty similar to affirmations, both are positive sentences used to be habituated by the subconscious mind. Once your subconscious thinks something is the truth, it must become true in your day to day reality.

Learning how to use affirmations positive suggestions is a bit tricky because it evolves emotional work, which most people find a bit scary. But if you work with them patiently and practice every day, sooner than you can imagine amazing things will start happening all around you.

I moved from huge debt into a very successful business in three months using positive suggestions. It did take me some effort, but today I use them as my second nature.

Why do most people fail using positive suggestions and affirmations?

Emotional connection: Lack of emotional connection to the affirmation itself is the main reason that people fail attaining what they want. If you kind find the feeling place of the positive sentence than you cannot create the bridge you want for it to manifest in your life.

I usually advise to start with something that is a bit easier for you to imagine. It can be something of less significance that you don’t feel much negative emotions towards. Once you accomplish this small step you will earn the confidence to create bigger and faster.

Lack of practice:

This issue always reminds me of the treadmill my parents bought a long time ago. Like many products they bought they used it once or twice and then left it to rot in the corner. Practicing once a week won’t do it, if you are serious about changing your life you must practice at least once a day every day.


Positive suggestions and affirmations are really an easy to use tool and I deeply recommend studying them with passion and conviction. I have seen many lives change thanks to these wonderful personal development tools


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