Read Read Read: The Key to Consistent Self-Improvement

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In order to gain and sustain any long term drastic change in your life everyone knows you have to be consistent. But how do you maintain that drive to be consistent? It’s true that you have to take action steps towards you goals each day, you have to have goals written down in the first place, but what is it that keeps you moving, what keeps you motivated and inspired? What keeps you inspired is yourself and your commitment to constantly putting positive material into your mind.

The wonderful thing is that there is no end to the positive material out there that you can take advantage of. There is an abundance of audio, video and literature created by many very well known and rightfully trusted teachers of positive, inspiring and empowering material. Authors and teachers such as Jack Canfield, John Assaraf, Bob Proctor and many many more have released a huge amount of material into the world to help you achieve any and all dreams you may wish to attain. And even though there are many different avenues someone can take towards self improvement and success, one in particular that is used very little can have a very powerful impact, reading.

I once heard Will Smith say in an interview that no problem you have is your own. He said that no matter the problems you’re facing someone at some point faced those same problems and, when they solved them, put the answers in a book for you to find . Knowing that this is true it seems even more incredibly ridiculous that most people in the United States never learn to read past a 7th grade level. It’s at that age that children fully master the skill itself but it is never cultivated any further, leaving them ill-equipped to soak up the abundance of wisdom and information at the heart of so many incredible books.

I encourage you to break the mold. For our specific purposes, that being helping you to achieve success more quickly and efficiently with the least effort possible, the literature I have in mind is that focused on things such as The Law of Attraction, The Power of Positive Thinking, How to Succeed and How to Achieve Your Dreams. These subjects are written about by millionaires, family men, champion athletes and people who have overcome obstacles that lesser men have crumbled  at the sight of. The authors of these books spent years of their lives, dedicating most of their time and concentration to understanding the secrets of living a consistently abundant life and they’ve decided to pass their wisdom on to you through books such as Think and Grow Rich, The Secret, You Were Born Rich and The Answer.

Yet again I encourage you not to be a person who chooses merely to survive, or strives for greatness without attempting to stand on the shoulders of those great men and women that came before us and offer up their advice. Pick a book, be it one of the ones previously mentioned or the many others that have changed people’s lives over the years. You can find all these and more at <a target=”_blank” href=””></a>. Take the opportunity each and every day to cut out 1 hour of TV time you spend just flipping through the channels looking for something. Or the hour you spend watching the news and getting mad, sending out negative vibrations along with that feeling. Then take that hour and replace it with learning, with growing. In 1 year you will have accumulated over nine 40 hour weeks of learning just by making this change. Most people average reading a book each year, but then again you’re not most people. Trust me when I say you can’t afford to pass this up, even if you’re trying to achieve something no one else has achieved you’ll find an abundance of inspiration and motivation in the words and achievements of others who attempted the impossible and conquered it. There are no losers, just winners who haven’t learned how to win left, now go out and learn.

You’ve just learned how reading is a great way to keep yourself consistently moving towards your most valuable goals. Find the resources you need to manifest the life of your dreams in record time and pick up a FREE copy of Wallace D. Wattles’ classic “The Science of Getting Rich” by visiting <a target=”_blank” href=””></a> – the most trusted law of attraction review site on the internet.

Lucian Cade is an entrepreneur and cofounder of Visionskape LLC with his brother and business partner Tristan Cade. When he is not pursuing athletic or academic endeavors Lucian spends all of his time studying and seeking a deeper understanding of how the law of attraction and it’s brother and sister laws of the universe pertain to self-improvement and human potential

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