Reading Speed Software – Does it Work?

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There is a wide variety of reading speed software available online but you need to be careful which one you choose as some are merely regurgitated versions of other software. Most guides do contain some useful information but there are those that contain little of use and mostly filled with either bad information or fluff.

The better quality software programs guide you through the process and begin with the basics, such as having your eyes tested to check your eyesight, as this is a major cause of slow reading and bad comprehension. Any reading speed software should cover some basic principles before expanding into the more detailed ways of increasing ones speed.

These types of software do work for most people but you will not be able to increase your reading speed to the levels that some claim. It is not unusual for someone to double or possibly triple their reading speed using such software but be wary of those that claim that they can multiply your speed by ten times or more. Average reading speed is between 200 and 250 words per minute.

How you read is the common denominator in most programs with posture, eyesight, being well rested and reading in a quiet environment, being the most common basic things that anyone can do to improve both reading speed and comprehension. A lot of the software programs have a speed reading test that you can take and this test should vary each time you take it.

The most common more advanced reading methods target:

  • Subvocalization – The internal speech made when reading words.
  • Re-Reading – Reading the same sentence or part of a sentence over again to try and gain better understanding.
  • Chunking – The amount of text read at one time, typically four or five words.
  • Skimming – Trying to read only the details that are required to understand the topic and not all of the words.

Any good reading speed software should target most if not all of these topics and should demonstrate how to improve the ones it covers. This software does work but it also requires effort on behalf of the person using it.

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